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Revolutionary War Pensions: Family Information

The documentation for Rhoda Abney's application was taken from the family Bible.


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Paul Abney's Widow Applies for Pension

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In her 1838 application for a widow's pension based on the service of her husband, Paul Abney, Rhoda or Rhody Abner or Abney included a page from the family's Bible on which were written the names and birth dates of their children.

Thomas born December 3, 1785
John born January _, 1788
William born February 3, 1791
Elias born January 28, 1792
Ab born November 14, 1795
Michael born November 15, 1797
Joshua born December 3, 1799
Nancy born February 3, 1801
Deliah born May 18, 1806
Henry born August 1809
Mathy born August 17, 1811

Note the gap between Nancy and Deliah - could Rhoda have had a still-born or miscarried baby in that period? The heading on the page notes that these are the children of Paul and Rhodah. Two pages over are listed 7 more children without parents' names, born between 1814-1829. Since Rhoda's application stated that Paul died in 1815 in Gallatin County, IL, these must be grandchildren.

The 1830 census of Saline, Gallatin County, IL, shows Abner, Elias, Henry, Joshua and William, but not Rhoda, although there is a 60-70 year female living with Abner. The only Paul Abney in the 1820 census was living in Edgefield County, SC. He was age 45 or over, as was a female living in the home. There were also 4 males and 1 female under the age of 10, and 5 male slaves. There are other Abneys on the page - possibly Paul's brothers.

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