Revolutionary War Service Records

Revolutionary War Service Records


Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army During the Revolutionary War, M881

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    by Craig R. Scott, CG

    This series of images consists of more than complied military service records of soldiers who served in the American Revolutionary War. They include service records for the Continental Army, State Troops, and some state and local militias. They include the service records of infantry, artillery, cavalry, and other units. Also included are records that relate to the unit, rather than to the individual soldier.

    A typical infantry regiment in the Continental Army, generally referred to in this series as a regiment or battalion without the designation "infantry," might contain field officers, such as a colonel, lieutenant colonel, and major; a regimental staff, including an adjutant, quartermaster, surgeon, surgeon's mate, paymaster, and chaplain; and eight to ten companies. Cavalry companies were frequently called troops. Artillery companies included specialized soldiers, such as bombardiers, gunners, and matrosses. Artificers were civilian or military mechanics and artisans employed by the Army to provide necessary services. Artificer companies included carpenters, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, harness makers, coopers, nailers, and farriers.

    The service records were created, beginning in 1894, under the direction of Colonel Fred C Ainsworth, Chief, Record and Pension Office of the War Department. They were established under several Congressional Acts, including 27 Stat. 275 and 28 Stat. 403, which directed the other executive departments of the Federal government to transfer military records of the Revolutionary War in their possession to the War Department.

    Abstracts were made from original records and verified by a separate operation of comparison. Great care was taken to ensure that the abstracts were accurate.

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