Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army 1
1918 1
Massachusetts 1

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Personal Details

James A McRae 1
Level of Education: 4 years of high school 1
Marital Status: Single, without dependents 1
1918 1
Massachusetts 1
Place: Middlesex County, Massachusetts 1

World War II 1

Army 1
Enlistment Date:
13 Mar 1941 1
Army Branch:
Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA 1
Army Component:
Selectees (Enlisted Men) 1
Army Serial Number:
31029481 1
Enlistment Place:
Boston Massachusetts 1
Source of Army Personnel:
Civil Life 1
Unskilled machine shop and related occupations, n.e.c. 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Source Information:
Box Number: 0385 1
Film Reel Number: 3.106 1

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Lt James McRae, 321st BG, 446th BS, B-25 MTO


Lt James McRae, 65 Combat Missions in the Mediterranean Theatre
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Lt James McRae, 321st Bomb Group, 446th Bomb Squad, B-25 Combat Bombardier with 65 Missions out of Corsica. 

James’was assigned in 30 Jan 44

15 Feb 44 - His first mission attempt – but didn’t complete the mission, due to weather (dad was with Brellenthin that day – they didn’t make it either)

  A/C No. 41-29760 (incomplete - returned early due to weather) P Herbert, John J., Jr ., 2Lt CP Lewis, Vernon (NMI), 2Lt N None B McRae, James Arrington, 2Lt E Clay, Donald W., Sgt R Green, Salem M., S/Sgt G Lorentson, Edward H., Sgt F None


18 Feb 44 - 1st successful mission was with Hurley – he flew regularly with him (dad’s first was also with Hurley, back on 2 Feb) later, a regular with Chudars and Burandt

  A/C No. 42-32394 “Peg O’ My Heart” P Hurley, John R., 2Lt CP Chudars, James E. “Jim”, 2Lt N None B McRae, James Arrington, 2Lt E Mowry, Michael L. S., S/Sgt R Mitchell, John J., S/Sgt G Martin, Edward F., S/Sgt F None


He apparently got a really early “rest cure” – after only 5 missions

22 Feb 44 - 446th BS: War Diary of: McRae, James Arrington, 2Lt, bombardier:

“Lve. Salerno @ 0830, per S.O. #36, for a 7 day Lve. On DS to the Isle of Capri, Rest Camp. Pass thru Pompeii, saw the ancient ruins. Arr. Naples 1200, ate, left Naples @ 1430 on a steamer which reminded me of the Nantucket Ferry. After a slow & rough trip, Arr. Isle of Capri @ 1700. Assigned to stay at the Morgano Tiberio Hotel, which we found to be excellent. Chudars & I in the same room (#130). Had a swell chicken supper, marvelous service. Went to a show @ the Hotel Quisiana, a repeat but I enjoyed it. After show had ham & eggs before going to bed. Looks like a swell set-up here, believe we are going to enjoy it here.

Chudars, James E. “Jim”, 2Lt, pilot


2 Mar 44 - 446th BS War Diary: A mission is flown. Capt. Ford visits us around noon. Lts. Herbert, Mayo, Chudars, Vivas, Hurley and McRae and enlisted men Fontenot, Thomas, Raffloar, Green, Brawn, Turner, Clay, Lorentson and Tissier return from rest camp at Capri.

Brawn, Jean H., S/Sgt, Engineer-gunner Chudars, James E. “Jim”, Lt, pilot

Clay, Donald W., Sgt, engineer Fontenot, V. L. (i.o.), T/Sgt, radio-gunner

Green, Harry M., S/Sgt, gunner Herbert, John J., Jr ., Lt, pilot

Hurley, John R., Lt, pilot Lorentson, Edward H., Sgt, gunner,

Mayo, Jack D., Lt, bombardier McRae, James Arrington, Lt, bombardier

Raffloer, Louis A., Jr., S/Sgt, gunner Thomas, Patrick, S/Sgt, gunner

Tissier, Rene G., Cpl, engineering Turner, Allen B., S/Sgt, bombardier/gunner


24, 25,& 28 Apr 44 – (Lt George Walsh, Lt James McRae and Lt Jack Fitzgerald flew together)

  A/C No. 42-32394 “Peg O’ My Heart” P Walsh, George F., 1Lt CP Fitzgerald, John (NMI) “Jack”, 2Lt N None B McRae, James Arrington, 2Lt E Smetana, Frank C., Jr., Sgt R Mygrant, Robert F., S/Sgt G Thornton, Edward P., Sgt F None


2 May 44– (Walsh, McRae, Orechia and dad flew together)

  A/C No. 41-30293 P Walsh, George F., 1Lt CP Fitzgerald, John (NMI) “Jack”, 2Lt N None B McRae, James Arrington, 2Lt E Shellhamer, Lawrence (NMI), Cpl R Orechia, James Raymond “Raymond” “Raymond”, T/Sgt G Thornton, Edward P., Sgt F None


14 Jun 44 – (McRae, Burandt, Chudars, and dad made 1st Lt together)

14 Jun 44 - 446th BS War Diary: Promotion to First Lieutenant for the following named men is announced: Burandt, Hawkes, Fitzgerald, Goff, Hollingsworth, Johnson, Jordan, Lewis, McRae, Mayo, Mottley, Ritger, Smith, Chudars, Church, Wotkowicz.

Burandt, Charles Lawson “Chuck”, 1Lt, pilot Chudars, James E. “Jim”, 1Lt, pilot

Church, Edwin Adem, 1Lt, pilot Fitzgerald, John (NMI) "Jack", 1Lt, pilot

Goff, Leroy R., Jr., 1Lt, pilot Hawkes, Leon R., 1Lt, pilot

Hollingsworth, George K., Jr., 1Lt, pilot Johnson, Henry W., 1Lt, bombardier

Jordan, Henry L., 1Lt, pilot Lewis, Vernon (NMI), 1Lt, pilot

Mayo, Jack D., 1Lt, bombardier McRae, James Arrington, 1Lt, bombardier

Mottley, John F., 1Lt, bombardier Ritger, Frederic Charles, 1Lt, pilot

Smith, Randell L., 1Lt, pilot Wotkowicz, Frank J., 1Lt, pilot


8 Jul 44– goes to Rome for a rest.

8 Jul 44 - 446th BS War Diary: No Missions. Corporal Dudley is promoted to Sergeant. Lts. Vivas, Sitts and Sacker, plus EM’s Bove and Jacob go to Capri, while Lts. McRae and Jaksic and EM’s Maddox, Magnuson, Jupin and Holland go to Rome for a rest.

Bove, Anthony P., T/Sgt, radio-gunner Dudley, Jasper E., Sgt, ordnance

Holland, Ernest F., Sgt, ordnance Jacob, Elmer A., Jr., PFC, engineer-gunner

Jaksic, Francis R., 2Lt, bombardier Jupin, John (NMI), Jr., S/Sgt, engineer-gunner

Maddox, Everett R., T/Sgt, radio-gunner Magnuson, Paul E., Sgt, engineering

McRae, James Arrington, 1Lt, bombardier Sacker, John R. “Sad Sack”, 2Lt, pilot

Sitts, Lonnie C., 1Lt, bombardier Vivas, Frank Paul, 1Lt, pilot


Awarded DFC: G.O. No. 146, 28 August 44.


11 Sep 44 – He goes home

11 Sep 44 - 446th BS War Diary: More lucky personnel head for home: Lts. McRae, Taylor, Sacker, Captain Robertson and Technical Sergeant Mitchell. F/O Derringer is made a Second Lieut.

Derringer, Albert J., 2Lt, bombardier McRae, James Arrington, 1Lt, bombardier

Mitchell, John J., T/Sgt, radio-gunner Robertson, Charles W., Capt, bombardier

Sacker, John R. “Sad Sack”, 1Lt, pilot Taylor, Jason G., 1Lt, pilot


I can account for 69 of his missions (including spares, incompletes, etc). He has at least 65 combat missions because he has a 65 combat mission certificate

Feb 44 5

Mar 8

Apr 12

May 16

Jun 10

Jul 11

Aug 7

Total 69 Missions

321st Bomb Group History Team; John T Fitzgerald, Patti Johnson and 321st BG Historian, Barbara E Connolly

James McRae


McRae, James Arrington, 1Lt, bombardier (0-796960 B-26)(1Lt 14 Jun 44)(418 Washington St, Somerville MA)(NARA - 31029481 MC#RAE#JAMES#A# MA MIDDLESEX BOSTON MA 41)  65 Combatmissions although we can account for 69. 

Purple Heart, Air Medal with Clusters, ***Distinguished Flying Cross***.

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