Ingwal J Hermanson

Ingwal J Hermanson

World War II · US Army
World War II (1939 - 1945)


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World War II

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United States of America

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Stories about Ingwal J Hermanson

S/Sgt Ingwal J Hermanson, KIA on 51st Combat Mission

  • Italy

Ingwal Hermanson was born and raised in Crosby, ND.... Near Fargo,  having gone to Fargo High School and we have his photo in the 1938 "CYNOSURE" Yearbook, "The DRUM section of the "Gold Band".  CYNOSURE (capitolized) literally means "North Star" ! Fargo High School and Grade School was built in 1882 on a full city block bounded by Second and Third Avenues South, between 10th and 11th Streets. It cost $40,000 to build. It was used for all grades 1-12. In 1899, the High School building provided six teachers in the high school (grades 9-12) and ten teachers for grades 1-8. The three story building had 21 rooms. The original building built in 1882 was expanded in 1900.    The high school offered two courses of study. The college preparatory curriculum included history (ancient, modern, and American), languages (English, Latin, and German), physics, physiography (a combination of astronomy, geology, and meteorology), biology, zoology,chemistry, and mathematics (algebra, trigonometry, and geometry).   The high school also offered a commercial course of study that included bookkeeping, commercial arithmetic, shorthand, typewriting, commercial geography. The high school was destroyed by fire in December 1916. Fargo Central High School was built on the same site in 1921. It too was destroyed by fire on April 19, 1966.

Ingwal J Hermanson was an original member in the 446th Bomb Squad, he was an Armorer/Gunner and completed 50 Combat Missions out of Africa in the 321st Bomb Group.  He went "Home" for over a year, then returned to his original 446th Squadron, but was KIA on his 1st Combat Mission.  The ship #43-27895 J-5-NC The "Haulin' Ass" and it was shot-down over the Target, 10 December, 1944.

_     Ingwal has the Purple Heart, the Air Medal with 8 Oak Leaf Clusters ! (and other Awards)_

_  (Several Places it says S/Sgt, and several it says T/Sgt)_

321stBG,446thBS, T/Sgt Ingwal Hermanson, 50 Missions w/446 -home -KIA on 1st Mission upon return

446th War Diary: 10 Dec. 1944
The 446th Squadron loses a ship over Bologna, Italy, Piloted by Lt Kaenzig. Other Crew Members were Lt Ritger, Lt Rondel, Sergeant Hermanson, an original member of the Squadron, had flown 50 Missions with us in Africa, Returned to the States for over a year, then rejoined the Squadron. This was his 1st Mission upon return overseas. T/Sgt McKearin received serious wounds in the face on this Mission and is hospitalized.

Hermanson, Ingwal J., S/Sgt., Gunner, Bombardier,
Service #: 20744794
KILLED IN ACTION on 10 December 1944 During a Bombing Mission on the Bologna Barracks, Bologna, Italy. The Plane was Damaged By Flak Over the Target, & Bail Out Orders Were Given;  S/Sgt. Hermanson DIED When His Cute Failed To Open Or Opened Too Late.   He and Another Crew Member Were Buried In a Churchyard At Montecuccolo, Italy by Italian Farmers. Three crew members died, Three others survived. This was S/Sgt. Hermanson's 51st Mission.  He had flown 50 Missions, Returned Home to the U.S. For Over a Year, Then Rejoined the 446th Squadron & This Was His 1st Mission Upon His Return Overseas.

A/C No. 43-27895 “Haulin’ Ass” (MACR-10385 - shot down)
P->Ritger, Frederic Charles, 1Lt  – MIA, escaped, returned before 22 Dec 44
CP->Rondel, Albert Oliver, 2Lt – MIA, POW, returned
B->Kaenzig, Charles Leslie, 2Lt  – MIA, POW,  returned
G->Hermanson, Ingwal J., Sgt  – KIA, buried in churchyard at Montecuccolo, Italy
E->Allen, Emmitt Madison, Cpl  – MIA, POW, returned
R->Huntoon, Stuart L., S/Sgt  – KIA, buried in churchyard at Montecuccolo, Italy

Barbi Ennis Connolly 321st BG Historian, 25 Aug. '09 <a></a>

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