Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army 1
1871 1

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Personal Details

Delbert A Rodney 1
Level of Education: 2 years of high school 1
Marital Status: Single, without dependents 1
1871 1
Place: King County, Washington 1

World War II 1

Army 1
Enlistment Date:
22 Apr 1942 1
Army Branch:
Ordnance Department 1
Army Serial Number:
19105237 1
Enlistment Place:
Seattle Washington 1
Source of Army Personnel:
Civil Life 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Source Information:
Box Number: 0310 1
Card Number: 3 1
Film Reel Number: 3.32 1

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This record is not entirely correct. The Army serial number listed for the above Delbert Rodney (birth 1871) is actually my stepfather's serial number (birth 1915). As a family member of Delbert Arthur Rodney, I have his Birth certificate, death certificate, enlisted record and report of separation honorable discharge, Separation Qualification Record, and a letter of commendation dated 03 Dec 1944 from Major General, U.S. Army, w. H. H. Morris Jr. 10th Armored Division, APC 260. The letter refers to campaigns in France and Germany. I am adding a separate record with the CORRECT information and substantiating documents. The incorrect data above include birth date, place, race, marital status and education.

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