Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army 1
14 May 2017 2
Kansas 2

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Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier
Mel and his beautiful wife, Elva.
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 349thBG
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 349thBG
L Top, Rabon, Drause, Lucas, ____ (kneeling) Scheier, Jordan (Lt MEL Scheier, Pilot and his CREW).
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 340thBG
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 340thBG
56 Combat Missions ! MTO/B-25 Mitchells, WW II. 40 Yrs. Service to our Country.
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 340thBG, 487thBS
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 340thBG, 487thBS
Mel's Favorite Ship, the B-25 "SATAN's SISTER. MTO (Crew unknown, This is the Nose-Art of his Ship)
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 340thBG
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 340thBG
Cadet Training at Williams Field, near Phoenix, AZ.
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 340thBG, 487thBS
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 340thBG, 487thBS
(Ret. Col.) Mel and Elva Scheier at their home. about 2007-2008. Col Mel and Elva are doing well, Oct. 2009 ! -B
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 340thBG, 487thBS
Ret Col Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Pilot, MTO, 340thBG, 487thBS
Elva and "Mel" Milburn Scheier, at Home (about 2007-2008) L@@KS like a Party :) Col Mel and Elva are doing well, Oct. 2009. -B
Scheier, Milburn
Scheier, Milburn
1960's picture of MAJ Mel Scheier, would go from a WWII Combat Lt Pilot to a Colonel!
1960's picture of MAJ Mel Scheier, would go from a WWII Combat Lt Pilot to a Colonel!
Sheet 16b
Sheet 16b
This is Mel Scheier's 1930 Census RECORD with his family.

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Personal Details

Also known as:
"Col. Mel." Page ONE 2
Milburn D Scheier 1
Level of Education: 4 years of high school 1
Marital Status: Single, without dependents 1
14 May 2017 2
Kansas 2
Male 2
1922 1
Kansas 1
Place: Sedgwick County, Kansas 1
Mother: Lena 2
Father: Aloysous 2

World War II 1

Army 1
Enlistment Date:
30 Mar 1942 1
Army Branch:
Air Corps 1
Army Serial Number:
17064824 1
Enlistment Place:
Ft Riley Kansas 1
Enlistment Term:
Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law 1
Source of Army Personnel:
Civil Life 1
Semiskilled pattern and model makers, except paper 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Source Information:
Box Number: 0246 1
Film Reel Number: 2.103 1

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Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, 340th BG, 57th BW/MTO (Page ONE)

Italy, Corsica

Milburn D Scheier entered the Service from SEDGWICK, FT RILEY KANSAS  on 30 March, 1942.  Milburn "MEL" was born in Kansas  14 May, 1922 and selected the Army Air Corp.  Mel had completed High School and was single when he entered into his Service to our Country... which would lead him through not only all of WW II but 3 total Wars over-seas, That would be WW II, Korea and well as Conflicts here in our own Country. 

WW II B-25 Mitchell Pilot, Lt Scheier retired a Lt Col, Nov 1st, 1967 (40 Years !)

Milburn D "Mel" Scheier, Ret. Col.


Personal Stories as related to Barbi Ennis Connolly (57thBW Researcher) Oct.'09 - Relating "Holed-Ships" ....  difficult but successful landing on nothing more than a Wing and  Prayer.  Col Mel is one very Special Friend to me !  xo  Barbi

After your last note I started to think back thru some of my history in
the AF.First I graduated from cadets at William's field.I wanted to fly
the P-38 's but no luck for fighters.There I flew the AT -9 & AT 11.I
lost my first engine in an AT-9 one night.When at Columbia SC I lost an
engine on my first solo cross country,about 100 miles out over the
ocean,had to land in Florida.By that time I had flown so many simulated
single engines at Mather it was old stuff.When test hopping a B-25 In
Greenville SC the nose wheel folded so I ruined two props then.  In a
KC-97 tanker flying from the North pole to Canada to off load some fuel
I had to turn around & go back to the pole on 3 engines.Never lost an
engine in combat.When flying coal in it Berlin during the Air Lift,on my
last mission for that night I couldn't start start #2 so I took the C-54
off on 3 engines & as luck would have it no one squealed on me. So back
to the beginning,I have never thought that from my 21st combat
mission,when I got the144 holes,that luck was going to be the primary
factor for me to get home.You might say that I became a true believer at
that time.To top it all off I left Corsica on the 10th of May to fly a
B-25 G home. So You know what happened on my birthday 14 May to 340th.

Mel Scheier, Ret Col. USAF

Guam, Alaska

Oct.'09 . . .another Story :) written to Barbi Ennis Connolly, 57thBW Researcher

US State-side Pilot Training tales;  I got my
wings at William's Field in March of 1943 (just south of town &
Luke) guess what,there were noise gripers then also of the P 38, At 9,&
At 17 i think Luke had the At 6 aircraft at that time. A p 22 (the  P 38
trainer) had to make a forced landing in a farmer's field one day & you
would think that the sky had fallen in by the way that the farmer acted
& there were no farm items growing in the field.             Mel

(Part of a discussion regarding the LUKE FOWARD Team I belong to, to keep our Jets flying at Luke. . . and the gripe that they are noisy when they built right up to the fence) 20 July 2011 - Barbara Connolly

In Service to our Country through 3 Wars Over-seas and a few Conflicts in the Lower 48 ! I'm going to be 88 soon also but I only got 144 holes & no injuries to
my crew but some times I feel like 100 but maybe it's because I have
been married almost 67 YEARS.Not only was I in 3 wars that took place
over seas but a few domestic ones also.I guess what saved us was that I
was in SAC for 12 years so I would go to the base & the next day I would
be at the north pole, Gaum ,Alaska or Newfoundland for 45 days or 3
months.The point being is that we had a lot of honeymoons HA.

Col Mel Scheier, USAF Ret. is a very special man, he is thoughtful, encouraging, helpful and just plain FUNNY is some of his tales !  I have "fish-stories" that I am going to assemble in a row one day, being a "Trout" fisher-woman, I could not measure up to some of his stories, but he tells them EXACTLY correct, as I got the "Rest of the Story"... the other side of the coin, so to speak from his sons :)  It has been amazing and fun both to hear the same story told from the father's memory and then from the sons memories!   Thank YOU Col Mel...  Blessings, Barbara

340thBG, Lt Mel Scheier, B-25 Columbia SC Combat Training

Columbia, SC


Col. Mel Scheier;  to Barbi Ennis Connolly   24 July, 2013


Stateside Training;  Columbia AAB (S.C.)  The only thing that I remember about Columbia is that two of us from Sacramento and our wives had a house & got a crew assigned to both of us.

We were assigned to the left seats because we had been through Mather & had time in the 25,but neither got to fly one over seas,we had to take a 30 day Liberty ship cruise.That was just to get to the Med sea.WE had two sea going tugs in the convoy that could do about two knots in calm weather.The day that we were to leave to go to Newport News to board the ship my waist gunner wound up in jail for being drunk so I left one man short. While at Columbia I had a cross country mission out over the Caribbean and had my first real lost of an engine.  We were about a 100 miles out from the Florida coast.  My navigator had flown a civilian line as a navigator but I tell you that he turned about the color of the green water that was below us when I feathered # 1 engine .   I  think that he came close to having to change his shorts.   At Mather we had shot so many simulated single engines that they were nothing new.  Well I guess that that is all for this time. Col. Mel


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