Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army 1
1921 (NOT 1932) 19 Oct.1921 2
Daton, Ohio 2
09 Jul 2017 2
El Camino, CA, Sorrento Valley 2

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Personal Details

Also known as:
Robert E Barefoot 1
Level of Education: 4 years of high school 1
Marital Status: Married 1
1921 (NOT 1932) 19 Oct.1921 2
Daton, Ohio 2
Male 2
1932 1
09 Jul 2017 2
El Camino, CA, Sorrento Valley 2
Cause: Mesothelioma 2
Place: Montgomery County, Ohio 1
Mother: Hazel Barefoot 2
Father: Ross Barefoot 2

World War II 1

Army 1
Enlistment Date:
08 Sep 1942 1
Army Branch:
Air Corps 1
Army Component:
Reserves - exclusive of Regular Army Reserve and Officers of the Officers Reserve Corps on active duty under the Thomason Act (Officers and Enlisted Men -- O.R.C. and E.R.C., and Nurses-Reserve Status) 1
Army Serial Number:
15327179 1
Enlistment Place:
Patterson Field Fairfield Ohio 1
Source of Army Personnel:
Civil Life 1
Presbyterian 2
4 Yrs. H/S (NOT 1) 2
B-25 Pilot WWII 2
Clerks, general office 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Source Information:
Box Number: 0198 1
Card Number: 3 1
Film Reel Number: 2.55 1

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Lt Bob Barefoot, B-25 Combat Pilot, 310thBG,428thBS, MTO


Bob at the 2008 57th Bomb Wing Reunion in Colo. Springs, CO
3 images

Lt Bob Barefoot was a B-25 Combat Pilot with 43 Missions in the 310th Bomb Group, 428th Bomb Squadron in the MTO during WWII.

  He earned the Air Medal with five Oak Leaf Clusters, the Presidentian Unit Citation with Bronze Star... American Campaign Medal.  He flew in the MTO and his EAME Medal has 3 Stars  and the WWII VICTORY Medal. 

  Lt Bob Barefoot flew in Northern Italy, up the Brenner Pass, blockading the Brenner Pass Supply Route which lead to the early surrender of the enemy forces.

ENLISTMENT INFO above is INCORRECT... see link for correct Information.....

Robert E Barefoot was residing in Montgomery County, Ohio and was accepted directly into the AAC on 8 Sept.1942 as a Private in the Army [Air Corp].  Bob joined at Patterson Field, Fairfield, Ohio, he had completed High-School and was Married at enlistment.  He is White, US Citizen and was working as a Clerk in a general office.


Lt Bob Barefoot and Corsican Dominique Taddei

Corsica, France

Bob (center) with his friend Corsican Dominique Taddei and some Corsican Researchers

From Dominique Taddei (WWII Researcher and Historian) who was only six when the "Americans" arrived....

310thBG,428thBS, Bob Barefoot (Center) with Corsican Aurthor Dominique Taddei & Friends /vjw Photo

The story begins, I was 6 years old. I still remember the silhouettes, the colors black and silver of the B-25's. My older sister, aged 8, counted the B-25's as they came back from a mission. There were seventeen airfields on the island. Most of them were occupied by the American Army Air Corps. The story ends when, in order to thank the American aviators, friends and local dignitaries gathered to inaugurate a commemorative monument at the Ghisonaccia airfield. A plaque was also mounted at the Folelli College. For the inauguration itself we had the great pleasure of having a contingent of 19 Americans with us. They were former aviators of the 57th Bomb Wing along with their wives and children.

It was a very moving moment when the speaker addressed the American veterans with these words, “You should not be thanking us, it is we, the citizens of Corsica, who must thank you for what you did for us during the Second World War. For us it was the greatest event of our lives.”

An American aviator commented: “Dominique is a saint. He pays homage to what the these courageous men, boys really, did for his country. No one should ever forget!”

But that is not all. For him it was not possible to resist spreading the word about the sights and sounds and feelings that continued to fill his mind. He published, for the benefit of historians and the airmen, his 50 years of notes and research in the book, “U.S.S. Corsica, The Island Aircraft Carrier.”


*** Fortunately, that time and place has found its own historian. Dominique Taddei, a native of Corsica, was a young boy in Corsica when the Americans arrived. He has taken it upon himself to chronicle the Allied presence on his island during the war. ***

Barbi Ennis Connolly, 319th BG and 321st BG Historian and 57th Bomb Wing Historical Researcher and 57th BW History Team-member with John T Fitzgerald and Patti Johnson.

Bob Barefoot "Tall, Quiet Man

London, United Kingdom

Kevin Swain; 7 June, 2008; In the UK...

On the 18th of May this year I flew from London Stansted to Perugia Italy with an tall and distuinguished elderly American gentleman who told me he was from the 57th and was returning to Italy. He was particularly keen to get back to Bastia, where he said he had been based.

 "Thank you.Without the courage and sacrifice of you and your colleagues, I
would not be a free man."   God Bless,  Kevin Swain

7 June, 2008  Barbara Connolly to Dominique Taddei;  Dominique, this would be a great link, do you know of a visitor to Bastia the week of 18th May ? I was hoping it might have had something to do with your Veteran visitors ?   Thanks, Barbara

"Courage is not the lack of fear, it is being afraid and saddling up anyway." John Wayne

7 June, 2008  Hi Kevin, I am part of the 57th Bomb Wing (Volunteer) research team, I have sent out some personal notes, is there a chance you remember ANYTHING of your conversation ? Absolutely anything will help.

8 June, 2008;  Hi Barbara
as i told to Victor Hancock, the week of the 18th of May, three former 57th Fighter Group P-47 Thunderbolt pilots went to Corsica, James Hare "Rabbit", Dave Hutton and Harold Mc Donnell. At the same time, Bob Barefoot went to Corsica too. He was a B-25 pilot in the 428th BS 310th BG at Ghisonaccia. His daughter Susan Smith was with him.   I wrote an email to Kevin Swain.  Dominique

9 June, 2008; Hi, Barbi.
    What can I remember, it was a 2 minute converstion in a check in queue. He said "last time I was in Italy,we were bombing people". He talked about wanting to go back to Bastia, and how to get there from Rome. He was staying in  Perugia and then Rome. He must have some link with you as he talked about reunions, and "The guy over here who knows more about the 57th than us old guys"
     Although I work in show business, and work with some famous people, I am
always tongue-tied and star struck when I meet these people.
He was quietly spoken, charming,tall and slightly stooped. He reminded me
of James Stewart. And he called me Sir.   That's all I can remember.   All the Best   Kevin Swain

Dec. 2008;  Hi, Barbi.   Yes I found my tall quiet man, Bob Barefoot......  he sent me a message via his daughter a few days before Christmas. Unfortunately, the message was deleted before I could reply. Could you send me Robert Barefoot's contact details again. I know the address was Pasadena,but that is all I can remember.  Thanks,  Kevin Swain

3 Jan. 2009;  Hello to Bob's daughter Susan, ... then to Kevin, the neat guy from the UK who has been looking for his "Tall, Quiet Man" and Dominique, (Dominique Taddei is our Corsican Researcher and Aurthor of the "USS Corsica")

I am Barbi and I am a 57th BW Researcher, I am also the Historian for 319th and 321st Bomb Groups.
     Susan, I helped Kevin to find your Dad, (but I am not the one who actually FOUND him) and he was just mortified when your email to him was lost. So, with the help of Dominique and other's in the Wing, we "found" Bob again, and I am priviledged to re-uniting you . . . and I have placed an Album in the 57th BW Gallery for Bob... however, I need your help, please.   For his Album I now am hoping for more photo's, the men and his ships?  I will greatly appreciate any info you have.  *****57thBW Bob Barefoot Album*****
 God Bless you all, and I am anxious to hear back for you :) Blessings, Barbi

5 Jan. 2009; Dear Barbara: I have just returned from Christmas / New Year Holiday and need to catch up on a ton of paperwork. However, I wanted to briefly let you know that I received you message and I have made a copy for Dad (Bob Barefoot) and he will try to provide the information to you. As Dad does not have an email address at this time, would you be so kind as to supply your mailing address. That way he can forward information to you somewhat faster. Thanks, Susan Smith

6 Jan.2009;  Hi Susan, Thanks for taking the time for a note,  We are truly blessed to have been raised by the "Greatest Generation". Blessings, Barbi

Today is 17 July, 2012, Bob passed on 9 July, 2012.... the "Tall, Quiet man has Gone-Home" I will email Kevin for the "Rest of the Story"  Barbi Ennis Connolly

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