James F Hannon

James F Hannon

World War II · US Army · First Lieutenant

Lt James Hannon, 79th Fighter Group (86thFS) KIA

  • Italy

Lt James Hannon was a P-47 Fighter Pilot with the 79th FG and the 86th FS. Lt Hannon had 55 Combat Missions and was Shot-Down in the Po Valley of Northern Italy on 27 Jan. 1945 during WWII.  His P-47 was named HOOSIER HOTSHOT.

James F. Hannon La Porte County, IN U.S. Army  National Archives  
1 LT James F. Hannon   ID: O-705580
Branch of Service: U.S. Army
Hometown: La Porte County, IN
Status: KIA

""In an hostile sky The 79th FG over Tunisia,
Sicily, France and Italy" and have found it extremely interesting.
Here are some data related with the 79th FG's airman and aircaft in spoke:
January 27, 1945
1st Lt James F. Hannon
86th FS / 79th FG
P-47D 16-RE s/n 42-76018 nickname "HOOSIER HOTSHOT".
1st Lt Hannon was lost during an attack over a rail line (secondary
target, as the primary was obscured by clouds), due to bomb blast.
He attempted to bail out but the parachute was cought on the tail of his
P-47 when he managed to bail out; his body was found close to the
airpalne crash-point.
The plane ditched into the Marano lagoon (Udine, Friuli, at the NEast
corner of Italy).

DATE OF ENLISTMENT DAY 13 Oct. 1942     Army Air Corps   
EDUCATION 5  1 year of college  
MARITAL STATUS 6  Single, without dependents

U.S. Rosters of World War II Dead, 1939-1945 Name: James F Hannon
Gender: Male Race: White Religion: Catholic Cemetery Name: Indiana
Disposition: According to next of kin Service Branch: Army
Rank: First Lieutenant Service Number: 705580

ANCESTRY.com   James Frederick Hannon  Birth 22 May 1924 in New Durham Twp., LaPorte County, Indiana ...Death 27 Jan 1945 in France, Military and Naval Forces, USA
Parents David Paul Hannon~1889 – 1957
Florence Warnke~1899 – 2000
Siblings;    Living BROTHER William Hannon
Richard David Hannon~1922 –
David Garland Hannon~1925 – 2002
Patrick Thomas Hannon~1932 – 1998

1930 Census/New Durham/La Porte Co./Indiana
David P Hannon/Head of Household/40
Florence Hannon/Wife/31
Richard Hannon/Son/7
James Hannon/Son/5
David Hannon/Son/4yrs~4mos

LaPorte County Indiana Obit Index
Hannon, James F.   Age:  21; Next of Kin: Florence _____ & D.P. Hannon; Published: 6/18/45

Veterans Buried at Pine Lake Cemetery Surnames of H to M
City of LaPorte, Indiana

Name: Hannon, James F  - Address: RR 2, LaPorte, IN;   Next of Kin NOK: parents - Mr. & Mrs. D.P. Hannon   Address:  LaPorte, IN   Born: May, 22 1924   Birthplace: LaPorte, IN  
Death Date: Jan 27, 1945   Date Buried: Nov 27, 1948   Grave & Lot: NA-NA ~ Section: Lakeside Catholic  Branch of Service: US Army Air Force 79th Grp. 86th Fighter Squad
War Served: WW II  Rank: Lieut.   Enlisted: Mar 1943   Discharged: 1945
Type of Stone: Pvt Stone   Flagholder:  WW II

Burials for Pine Lake Cemetery
Center Township
La Porte County, Indiana

Name Additional Notes DOB DOD
Hannon, David Paul  - age 67 yrs - s/o David Garlan and Jane Conlon Hannon.
Wed Florence Warnke 21 June 1921 in LaPorte
Born: Sep 11, 1889 obit Jul 26, 1957   
Hannon, Florence (Warnke)   Mar, 31 1899 -- Jan 16, 2001

26 March, 2011 /FAMILY; Nephew Dan to Researcher Patti Johnsn...

Patti,   Thank-you so much for the information on my Uncle Jim, unfortunately he passed away before i was born and I never had the oppurtunity to know him. I have heard many good things about him and am very proud of the man he was and that he died serving our country. I am going to attach some photos that I have and I hope it helps you out.  Once again a very heartfelt thank you for sharing any information you have.  Sincerely, Dan Hannon

Lt James Hannon, 76thFG, 86th FS, KIA

  • Italy

**_"Uncle Jim" . . . .to;  _**Patti, (Patti Johnson, 57th BW Historical Researcher, 321st BG History Team Member with John Fitzgerald and Barbi Ennis Connolly, Historian) 2011

Thank you so much for taking the time to share everything you have found with me. I look forward to sharing this with the rest of the family. I have always had a special place in my heart for Uncle Jim and knowing exactly what happened and how makes me even prouder of him. I had heard stories but never knew exactly what happened. I had heard my Grandmother was very upset that all she got for a funeral was a flag and no body. Now I understand why she felt that way. It was definately something that wasn't talked about much. My Dad went to his grave with a Black Onyx ring on his finger that Jim had given to him in Texas for coming down to pin his wings on. God Bless you and all your friends for taking the time to honor our fallen heros!!!! Look forward to hearing from you again. Take care and God Bless, Dan

**28 March, 2011  To Dan Hannon (Nephew to Lt James Hannon); ** Dear Mr Hannon,
I would like to introduce myself:
My name is Agostino (Ago)  Alberti, I am an aviation enthusiast and have
received you e-mail address from my friend Patti.
As you know, Patti, Barbara Connolly, John "Butch" Fitzgerald are the
peolpe who are hepling me a lot in my researches about the air war over
the Po Valley, during WWII.
All my effort  is coordinated by the State Archive of Cremona and has
two different goals:
-On one hand, the aim  to "reconstruct" all the air bombing and strafing
missions which were accomplished by the MAAF over the central Po Valley
-On the other hand, the attempt to write the history of each aircraft
(and, obviously, the airmen aboard) which did went down in the area.

I  have heard for the first time of the sad destiny of your Uncle, Lt
James Hannon, in the book "The 79th FG over Tunisia, Sicily, Italy and
France" by Don Woerpel, a few years ago.
Last year, a friend of mine, Diego Vezzoli, was contacted by another
aviation enthusiast, Paolo Manzan from Padua, who was investigating
around several planes which did crashed in the Udine / Trieste areas (at
the Eastern border of Italy, close to Slovenija).
Among them, there is the casrh site of Lt James hannon's P-47.
The aircarft ditched into the Marano lagoon, along the Adriatic coast
near the city of Grado but it seems nowadays the crash site should be on
the dry land.
The idea would be to inspect the area with metal detectors and, in case
of positive results, to bright to light the remains of the Thunderbolt.
I will keep you in the loop.

Thank you very much indeed for your support.
Ago (AirCrashPO Team Leader), Professor Agostini Alberti, Po Valley, Italy.

42-76018 P-47D-16-RE 79th 86th X54 "HOOSIER HOTSHOT"
MACR 11812 - 27/01/45 vers Marano Lagunare (Ita.) - Pilote : James F. Hannon - Parachuté & KIA - Souffle des explosions

"Hoosier Hotshot" #42-76018

http://p-47.database.pagesperso-orange.fr/Database/42-7xxxx.htm (A little more than 1/2 way down the page)  Barbi Ennis Connolly