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William C Coursen

William C Coursen

World War II · US Army
World War II (1939 - 1945)
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World War II

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Stories about William C Coursen

Wm. C Coursen, 321st Bomb Group WWII MTO

  • North Africa /Italy

T/Sgt William C "BILL" Coursen was an original in the WWII General Bob Knapp's (now famous) Flight over the Atlantic with B-25 Mitchells in a single mass without loss".  leaving from Morrison Field Fla. 12 Feb.1943 and flying the Southern Route "HOP" to Africa.

12 Feb 1943, SNAFU #41-12930 was one of the ships in the Knapp Flight Over. page 22, Bill flew Over in the Engineer's Position.

Bill's 1st Combat Mission, 16 Mar. 1943 to Ain Ghrasesia, N Africa. in the SNAFU, He is an Engineer.

Bill was so excellent at the Engineering Mechanics of the B-25 that he was promoted to Crew Chief in the 447th Bomb Squadron.  He received a BRONZE STAR for Excellence.

21 May, 2006 Barbi to Terry; Hi Terry, just checking in.  I am making progress, I have a question,  please,  Ed came back with 2 gold coins, from his survival pack.  Walter Cantrell sold his in Africa,  and Bernie Quilty still has his.  Would you ask your Dad if he remembers ?  Hoping all is well,  I check-out your site now and then for new photo's of the kids !  Blessings,  Barbara 23 May, 2006 from Bill's proud son Terry to Barbi Ennis Connolly; Dad said they received the survival pack before they left for Africa.  Dad had 1 gold coin. He said it was a small gold coin, but could not remember how many francs it was.  He said it was worth $13.00 in American money. In Tunis, there was a Jeweler who was buying them. Dad sold his for $72.00. He couldn't remember, but thought he used the money to buy candy & some other things. He said it was hard to get candy.

321st Bomb Group, 447th Bomb Squad HISTORY

Trip over: "Gen Bob Knapp's [now famous] Flight across the Atlantic in a single mass with out loss/ Southern Route"

A/C No.  41-12930 “SNAFU” P Brinkley, Hamilton M., 1Lt CP Brinkley, Wilton R., 2Lt N Hartis, John G., 2Lt B N/A E Coursen, William C., T/Sgt R Stanton_, James E. “Jim”, T/Sgt_ G Gouvin, Henry J., S/Sgt F N/A

16 Mar 43:

A/C No.   41-12930 “SNAFU” P Brinkley, Hamilton M., 1Lt CP

Brinkley, Wilton R., 2Lt

N Hartis, John G., 2Lt B None listed – likely the navigator E Coursen, William C., T/Sgt R

Stanton_, James E. “Jim”, T/Sgt_ G Gouvin, Henry J., S/Sgt F None

28 Dec 43 - 447th BS War Diary:  About 8:30 this morning one of the tents in the area literally went down in flames.  The fire was started by the wind blowing sparks from a near-by trash pile against the tent.  The tent itself was a complete loss as well as the greater part of the personal equipment within.  The members of the tent, none of whom were at home when the fire broke out, were:  T/Sgt. Bruns, T/Sgt. Coursen, T/Sgt. Nieman, S/Sgt. Brandt, and Cpl. Holland.  All the personal possessions of Cpl. Holland, who was in the hospital at the time, were totally burned.  The following left for rest camp at Capri:  1st Lts. E.P. Mayben, R.P. Dunn, H.W. Stephenson, S/Sgts. W.P. Franklin, N.J. Batteiger, R.R. Fiorello, E.C. Ennis, and Sgt. A. Zacharya.

Batteiger, Norman J., S/Sgt, gunner               Brandt, George F., S/Sgt, engineering

_Bruns, Robert E., T/Sgt, engineering             _

******* Coursen, William C. _T/SgtC.  T/Sgt,  engineer-  ******** _

Dunn, Robert P., 2Lt, pilot                             Ennis, Edward C., T/Sgt, radio-gunner

Fiorello, Thomas R., S/Sgt, gunner                 Franklin, Willie P., S/Sgt, bombardier, gunner

Holland, Patrick H., Cpl, engineering            Mayben, Ernest P., Jr., 1Lt, bombardier

_Niemann, Harry C., T/Sgt, engineering           _

_ Stephenson, Henry W. “Steve”, 1Lt, pilot_

Zacharya, Andrew, S/Sgt, gunner

PLEASE see Bill telling his own "War Story"...


He is best known as Crew Chief for Wiginton and the Paper Doll :)  BillCoursen, Gallery-Album in the 57th Bomb Wing!  MTO - WWII

Barbi Ennis Coonnolly  <a>[email protected]</a>  321st BG Historian

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