Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army 1
1918 1
Virginia 1

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Personal Details

Woodrow H Haley 1
Level of Education: 4 years of high school 1
Marital Status: Single, without dependents 1
1918 1
Virginia 1
Place: KingGeorge County, Virginia 1

World War II 1

Army 1
Enlistment Date:
26 Dec 1940 1
Army Branch:
Medical Administrative Corps - For Officers only 1
Army Component:
Regular Army (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Men) 1
Army Serial Number:
13016119 1
Enlistment Place:
Norfolk Virginia 1
Source of Army Personnel:
Civil Life 1
Unskilled occupations in manufacture of textiles, n.e.c. 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Source Information:
Box Number: 0114 1
Film Reel Number: 1.114 1

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321st BG, 446th BS, T/Sgt Woodrow Haley, B-25 Radio/Gunner MTO


T/Sgt Woodrow H Haley was a Radio/Gunner that flew Combat Missions in the B-25 Mitchells of the 321st Bomb Group, 446th Bomb Squadron. 

Woodrow flew 50 Combat Missions and on one Mission was injured and awarded the Purple Heart;  Next is one such dangerous Mission!

5 Jul 43 - 446th BS Mission Summary: (Ops Order 69/mission 68) Group Mission # 81: Groupmission 68, Sqdn 59 composed of 10 planes led by Capt. Griffith. The target was the Gerbini L/G #6, Sicily. 300 lb bombs were carried but only one corner of the field was hit. Flak was heavy and accurate, but there were no fighters. Lt. Bradley’s plane was hit by flak and he was forced to land it in the sea. S/Sgt. Sheldon received a broken leg and S/Sgt. Lovell received cuts on his face. The crew was picked up by a British ASR launch and taken to Malta. Capt. Griffith’s plane was also badly hit by flak and S/Sgt. Billy Dykes was injured by it.

 A/C No. 42-64526  

P;  Griffith, Frank J. “Grif”, Capt

CP; Carlisle, Howard L., 1Lt

N; Caldwell, Herman B., Jr., 1LtBMarek, Joseph R., 2Lt

E; Mitchell, Lance M., S/Sgt

R; Haley, Woodrow H., T/Sgt

G; Dykes, Billy, S/Sgt

HQ 321st BG War Diary: Additional Narrative for August 1943: The first of August was a big day for the 321st Bombardment Group. The group was on that day one year old. The Group had come a long way in that year and had already dealt a number of heavy blows to the enemy. The aerial bombardment of Sicily and Italy was one of the deciding factors in convincing Italy that she might soon be wise to get out of the war.
Premier Mussolini had resigned and was replaced by Marshal Badoglio. The 321st Bombardment Group played an important part in the bombardment of military objectives on Italian soil.   A program was held on this Sunday of August 1st, 1943, in the headquarters area. General Ridenour, 47th Wing Commander, and Captain Lund, Engineering Officer of the 47th Wing were guests at the festivities. Talks were given by Colonel Knapp and other staff officers of the group in addition to a talk by General Ridenour, guest on the program. Colonel Lowell presided as master of ceremonies and very ably so, keeping the program from becoming too serious a matter. General Ridenour commented on and praised highly the achievements of the 321st Bombardment Group and the enviable records that they had attained. Col. Knapp also presented Purple Hearts to the following named personnel who had been wounded in operational missions against the enemy: Major Bailey C. Cook, Captain Robert W. Manley, 1st Lt Ralph L. Axson Jr., 1st Lt. Vergil L. Seawell, 1st Lt. Charles M. VanArtsdalen, 2nd Lt. James M. Meehan, 2nd Lt. Walter G. McCone, 2nd Lt. Jack P. McLeod, 2nd Lt. William H. Shaw, 2nd Lt. Roy W., Tate, T/Sgts. Joseph E. Eagan, James A. Shields, S/Sgts. Billy Dykes, Ronald A. Grant, Aage E. Jensen, Curtis L. Lovell, Russell E. Murphy, Walter E., Porter,    ****  T/Sgt. Woodrow H. Haley   ***   and Pvt. Michael A., Poranda. The program closed with the singing of the “Star Spangled Banner” and the rest of the day was declared a holiday.

On August 1, 1943, Col. Knapp addressed the entire Group

At Souk-El-Arba, Algeria in celebration of Anniversary Day.

446th Bomb Squad T/Sgt Woodrow H Haley, 50 Combat Missions!


T/Sgt Woodrow H Haley was a Radio/Gunner that flew Combat Missions in the B-25 Mitchells of the 321st Bomb Group, 446th Bomb Squadron.

  Photo's and personal info provided by Woodrow's proud daughter, Jackie (Haley) Sotnik. 


21 Mar 43 - 446th BS Mission Summary: (Ops Order 6/mission 5) Group Mission # 5: Group mission # 5, Squadron # 3: led by Lt. Griffith. The target was a L/G at Mezzouna, but because of bad weather and lack of escort, the target was not reached.

A/C No. 41-29760 

P; Griffith, Frank J. “Grif”, 1Lt

CP; Hileman, Donald L. “Buck”, 2Lt

N; Caldwell, Herman B., Jr., 1Lt

B; Manning, Rodney A., 2Lt 

E;  Mitchell, Lance M., S/Sgt 

R; Haley, Woodrow H., Pvt 

G;  Dykes, Billy (NMI), S/Sgt  


War Diary for the 321st Bomb Group;   Woodrow's 50th Combat Mission; 

15 Oct 43 - 446th BS War Diary: Capt. Frank Griffith, S/Sgt. Dewitt, T/Sgt. Haley, S/Sgt. L.M. Mitchell, Lt. Richard P. Morris, and S/Sgt. Billy Dykes finished fifty missions.

DeWitt, Joe B., S/Sgt, gunner Dykes, Billy, S/Sgt, gunner

Griffith, Frank J. “Grif”, Capt, pilot Haley, Woodrow H., T/Sgt, gunner

Mitchell, Lance M., S/Sgt, gunner Morris, Richard Pervis, Jr., 2Lt, pilot


Headed home:   :)

1 Nov 43 - 446th BS War Diary: T/Sgt. Jack Chappell, S/Sgt. Urie P. Zook, Lt. Thomas E. Dains, Lt. Sterling Davis, Lt. Wallace Williams, Lt. Richard P. Morris, T/Sgt. W.H. Haley, S/Sgt. Billy Dykes, S/Sgt. Joe B. DeWitt, S/Sgt. L.M. Mitchell, and S/Sgt. Walter E. Porter were today transferred to the Port of Debarkation, USA. Some of the men were getting short on their cigarettes and a ration this evening lifted their spirits.

Chappell, Jack F., T/Sgt, gunner Dains, Thomas E., 2Lt., pilot

Davis, Sterling, 2Lt, navigator DeWitt, Joe B., S/Sgt, gunner

Dykes, Billy, S/Sgt, gunner Haley, Woodrow H., T/Sgt, gunner

Mitchell, Lance M., S/Sgt, gunner Morris, Richard Pervis, Jr., 2Lt, pilot

Porter, Walter E., S/Sgt, gunner Williams, Wallace (NMI) “Spike”, 2Lt, pilot

Zook, Urie H., S/Sgt, gunner

321st Bomb Group Historical Research Team;  John T Fitzgerald, Patti Johnson and Barbi Ennis Connolly (321st BG Historian (2007-___)   Additions/corrections?

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