Tharp descendants

Tharp descendants


Descendants of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Maxson) Tharp and related families.

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Where did Benjamin Tharp come from?

  • New Jersey - (West) Virginia

At some point Benjamin Tharp told Walter Jones that he was married in 1788 in Meadville, PA.  There are two Meadvilles in PA - one in Lancaster County and one in Crawford County on Lake Erie.  Research has basically eliminated Lancaster County.  More work needs to be done in crawford County and probably the Pennsylvania State Archives.

The Churh Book of the Shrewsbury, New Jersey Seventh Day Bapttist Church (p1):  "on the 8th of August 1789, the chuyrch voted to sell the meetinghouse and put the proceeds in the treasury of the church."  Four weeks afterward, or on Sept. 6, 1789, "Then did the body of this churchs remove from Shrewsbury in order to settle in the state of Virginey (sic).  Hames:  Our Elder, Jacob Davis, with all his family; Wiliam Davis, Senior; Ephriam Maxson, Thomas Babcock, and Zebulon Maxson, and Benjamin Thorp, with all their families."

Among this group were all the children of William Davis, Senior and his wife, Tacy Crandall Davis, excepting their son Nathan.   Rev. Jacob Davis' wife Mary was their daughter.  John Davis was their Son.  William Davis was another son.  Elizabeth Maxon, wife of Ephriam was a daughjter; Martha Babcock, wife of thomas was a daughter.  Zebulon Maxson was a nephew; on of William's sister, Experience Davis Maxson.  Thomas Babcock was also a nephew, son of Judith Davis Babcock.  Benjamin Thorp's wife was Elizabeth Maxson, sister of Zebulon.  Simeon Maxson's wife was Marby Babcock, step-daughter of Judith Davis Babcoc, who was  ister of William, Sr.

Others of the group were closely related.  William Davis, Junior, judging from the signing of a deed in 1783, which was also signed by William davis, sxon of William, possibly refered to William Davis, son of James, who later came to be known as "Bottom Billy".  Rev. Jacob Davis was the son of James Davis.  Wiliam and Jacob's brother, James, whose wife was Rebecca Brand, might have been with the roup, but he is not named in the rcord.  Both he and Rebecca's names appear in the erly church record at New Salem, Virginia, but it is not known when they migrated.

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