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Harold F Clobes

Dad's (Harold Clobes) log book entry for June 7, '36 has "16 flights, 3:00 hours in the air, in New Standard J5 airplane registration NC9192, Lake Benton & $49 Pass." The $49 apparently is the $ he took in from the 16 passenger flights.

The 1st log entry for this airplane was 10/28/35 "try out the ship Norfolk VA". From 10/30 to 11/1 he hop-scotched to Marshall, MN. The last entry is 9/23/36 "sold and delivered ship to John Kiff (sp?) Randolph, MN."

About a year ago I researched whether this airplane still exists and that quite a story. Dad's "License Authorization" for NC9192 shows serial #126. The registration and serial # agree with that found in

The most recent FAA Registry I could find dated 2004 shows N9192 as a New Standard serial #132 registered to Lloyd Magnuson, PO Box 87, McGrath Alaska. So the "N" number matches Dad's plane but the serial # differed ( showed serial # 132 belonging to NC9193). There is no FAA record for serial # 126 for any N numbered airplane that comes close to the New Standard

I tried contacting Lloyd a number of times and means without luck. I bought a copy of the  FAA records  for N9192 serial # 132. As I recall they go back to when the plane was new and shows it was always located in Alaska. So I'm 98% sure the New Standard in Alaska is not the one Dad owned and his is in airplane heaven.

But that's not the end of the story. While in Marshall (MN) Dad also for a short time owned a Curtis Robin. The "N" and serial number of his plane matches that of a currently FAA registered Robin in Arlington, WA (north of Seattle). The FAA records for this airplane show sale to HF Clobes, Record of Transfer dated July 1, '35. Dad sold it Oct 1,'35. It's (quite ) certain the plane in WA is the one owned and flew by Dad. That reminds me to contact the people in WA and see the Robin, and if it's still flying (I believe it is) mabe even get a ride. Dad always spoke fondly of the Robin's.

Arnold Clobes
Livermore, CA
Nov 3, 2008

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