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The United Nations was created as a successor to the League of Nations, which had been formed following World War I. The United Nations has since its inception with the creation of various organizations within that have various functions, plus there were a few organizations from the League of Nations that were not shut down, but were carried over and now report to the United Nations instead.


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Organization Details

Conference on International Organization:
From: 25 Apr 1945 1
Participants: Delegates from 50 Allied Nations of World War II. 1
Place: San Francisco, California 1
Result: Creation of the United Nations Charter. 1
To: 26 Jun 1945 1
First Version of the Flag:
Flag Design: The design of the first version of the flag was different from the current in that North America was in the center. 2
United Nations Charter Opened for Signature:
Date: 26 Jun 1945 1
United Nations Created:
Date: 24 Oct 1945 3

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