John Henry LEWIS-CONFEDERATE, rare visit to Savannah, GA 1860?

John Henry LEWIS-CONFEDERATE, rare visit to Savannah, GA 1860?

Civil War (Confederate) · Confederate Army · First Lieutenant

Not sure of his reason but in 1860, after marrying he left for Georgia, says "on business". He had returned to Portsmouth, VA by 1861 and enslisted.

Civil War (Confederate) (1861 - 1865)
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First Lieutenant

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Confederate Army

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Civil War (Confederate)

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United States of America

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See 1860 fed census, John had been in Savannah, Georgia, on business-INCLUDED 1860 -that fed census in my gallery.

  • Porthsmouth, Virginia, Washington DC

John wrote one book about the "CIVIL WAR" in which he describes his capture at Gettysburg, among many other things and his life as a POW, in UNION prison camps.  He also, describes his reason's for moving to Washington DC, and he became a builder and did pretty well.

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about John H Lewis Name: John H Lewis Age in 1860: 26 Birth Year: abt 1834 Birthplace: Virginia Home in 1860: Savannah District 2, Chatham, Georgia Gender: Male Post Office: Savannah Value of real estate: View Image Household Members: NameAge George Gemenden 49 Catharine Gemenden 38 Catharine Gemenden 12 George Gemenden 9 Henry Gemenden 21 William Kalkhoff 30 Henry Miller 22 Clemens Springer 26 Julius Stockflenn 30 George Herrmann 31 James Ward 30 William Dorrothy 36 Catharine Bryan 28 Catharine Morrell 30 Dehlia Albray 2 Michael Tunk 40 Simon Jackson 25 Leopold B Kremlage 32 Joseph Barion 27 John Power 23 Max Steffter 24 John Gunn 30 Valentine Gecknell 32 John Garrathy 35 John H Lewis 26 William B Knight 23 Henry E Brandess 22 John H Rahn 28   View

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John had a total of 6 children all born in Portsmouth, VA, excpet for the last two, which were "twin's" one was one of my GreatGrandfather, John M. (Meriweather) LEWIS, born in Washington DC, dec'd 1964, Washington DC.

Add a life event Timeline **1835 ** 5 Oct _Birth _ BirthPortsmouth Virginia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1850 **  _Age: 15 _ ResidencePortsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1854 ** 18 Jul _Age: 18 _ Marriage to Mary Frances EmmersonCamden, NC, USA

Description: Marriage took place in a small courthouse

**1860 **  _Age: 25 _ ResidenceSavannah District 2, Chatham, Georgia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1870 **  _Age: 35 _ ResidenceWashington Ward 3, Washington, District of Columbia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1880 **  _Age: 45 _ ResidenceWashington, Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, United States<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1890 ** abt _Age: 55 _ Wrote bookWshington DC

Description: Recollections from 1860 to 1865 (civil-war personal recollections-CONFEDERATE)

**1900 **  _Age: 65 _ ResidenceWashington, Washington, District of Columbia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1910 **  _Age: 75 _ ResidencePrecinct 9, Washington, District Of Columbia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1917 ** 26 Mar _Age: 81 _ DeathDaughter's home in Washington DC<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1917 **  _Age: 82 _ BurialCedar Grove cemetery, Portsmouth, Va

Description: Buried in the EMMERSON family plot

ResidencePortsmouth, Virginia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

ResidencePortsmouth, Virginia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

Spouse & Children <a> </a>

**Mary Frances Emmerson **1839 – 1911 


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