Frank or Franc was born in Turku, FINLAND, 1888 and died in So., CA 1978. He married three times, his first which resulted in a daughter was in Finland. His second was in NYC to a native Finn, who died at a young age in NYC, leaving Frank with five small children-one was my mother. His business had failed and his wife had died-NYC.

Oct 1888 1
Turku, Finland 2
1978 2
Southern CA-US 2

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Personal Details

Oct 1888 1
Turku, Finland 1
Male 1
1978 1
Southern CA-US 1
Cause: UNKNOWN, age 90 1
Burial Date: 1978-9 2
Burial Place: Southern CA 2
Physical Description:
Height: abt 5'9 2
Weight/Build: abt 170 2
Eye Color: gray 2
Hair Color: blond-brown-in youth 2
Place: Little Rock AR 2
To: 1964 2
Place: California 2
From: abt 1955 2
To: 1978 2
MARIA unknown 2
abt 1950's 2
So., CA 2
To: abt 1970's 2
Annie Brita unknown 2
abt 1915 2
To: abt 1924 2
abt 1908-? 2
Finland 2
To: 1910 2
Race or Ethnicity:
FINNISH-Caucasian 1
Employer: Frank d'WAINIO 2
Position: owner 2
Place: NYC, NY 2
Start Date: abt 1915 2
End Date: abt 1925 2

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Franc or Frank d'WAINIO, born Turku, Finland 1888. Dec'd in So., CA 1978-a Grandfather of mine.

Turku, Finland, NYC,NY,Southern, CA

Frank was the natural-legitimate father of Marie Louise ELFERS-LEWIS< at her death 12/2001.  My mother was born Annibrita d'WAINIO, in New York City, where she was adopted by the Herman & Katherine EVERS-ELFERS, family.  3 of five of Frank's children from his 2nd marriage were put up for adotpion, his wife had died and his

restaurant (FINNISH) in NYC, NY, had failed, so he put the 3 youngest children up for "adoption" 2 girls and a son, two were adopted one a daughter remained in the adoptions home till she died, in her 80's, I bleieve as my mother in later years DID, have some contact with her.  That duahgter somewhat older than my mother never married, nor had children. Frank moved to Little Rock, AR, after the failure of his restaurant, in NYC and started up a small motel, which did well enough, he then moved to CA, where he lived had a small motel and died at age 90.  His third was was apparently Maria WAINIO. 1920 United States Federal Census
about Frank Wainio Name: Frank Wainio
[Frank Wainis]  Home in 1920: Brooklyn Assembly District 9, Kings, New York Age: 31 years  Estimated Birth Year: abt 1889 Birthplace: Finland Relation to Head of House: Head Spouse's Name: Annie B Father's Birth Place: Finland Mother's Birth Place: Finland Marital Status: Married Race: White Sex: Male Home owned: Rent Year of Immigration: 1915 Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Image: 331 Neighbors: View others on page Household Members: NameAge Frank Wainio 31 Annie B Wainio 26 Ellen Wainio 3/12   View

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View Frank Wainio Birth: 21 Oct 1888
Finland Death: Jan 1979
Tujunga, Los Angeles, California, United States of America Spouse & Children   Annie Brita  – 1923 

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  1915   Age: 27  Arrival


Sault Ste Marie Michigan


2 historical records

  1920   Age: 32  Residence


Brooklyn Assembly District 9, Kings, New York


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  1925  29 Jun Age: 36  Arrival


New York, New York


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  1930   Age: 42  Residence


Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California


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  1979  Jan Age: 90  Death


Tujunga, Los Angeles, California, United States of America


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Hamburg Southampton Cherbourg and Halifax


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