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Simon Strickland

Glastonbury, CT

Simeon Strickland is born. I am not sure who his parents are but I found a reference to Simon Strickland in Rolls of CT Men in the French and Indian War 1755 - 1762 Vol II. Simon Strickland enrolled on 18 Mar 1762 and died on 28 Sep 1762. He was in Col Putnam Pomfret's Regiment.,+CT&num=8&client=internal-uds&cd=1&source=uds#v=onepage&q=Simon%20Strickland&f=false

I think this is who you are looking for: 39. Simeon STRICKLAND (Benjamin3, John2, Thwaite1) was born {1722}, died 1763 Glastonbury, Hartford Co .CT. He married Sarah KILBOURN 1754, d/o John KILBORN and Susannah HILLS. She was b/b {1731} East Hartford, Hartford Co. CT, died >7 Mar. 1764. 1, 12 Children of Simeon Strickland and Sarah Kilborn are: Hannah STRICKLAND b/b 1753 Glastonbury CT. 1 Abigail STRICKLAND b/b 1754 Glastonbury CT, married James MCLEAN 26 Dec. 1780 Eastbury CT. 2, 10, 15 156 i. Simeon STRICKLAND Jr. was b/b 25 Mar. 1755 Glastonbury CT, died 25 June 1836 Berlin CT. Married Mary FOX 4 Mar. 1779 Glastonbury, Hartford Co. CT. She was b/b 7 May1751, died 29 Oct. 1839. Berlin, CT. (Hill Cemetery) 1, 2(w17880), 8, 15 Ken

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