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The Russian Revolution (1917)


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27th Anniversary of the October Revolution

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Two Russian Soldiers Stand By An Entrance To The Main Park In Poltava, Russia - The Gateway Has Been Decorated In Honor Of The 27Th Anniversary Of The Red Revolution Which The Country Celebrated On 7 November 1944.

On November 7, 1944, Russia celebrated the 27th anniversary of the Red or October Revolution. This picture displays two soldiers standing beside a decorated archway commemorating the event. During Communist reign in Russia, the government’s tight hold on civil rights produced a fake sense of security and peace. The people were ignorant of Stalin’s purges and government cover-ups. The events of 1917 in Russia changed the world. From a shaky alliance in World War II with the Allies, to the decades of Cold War, and the eventual collapse of the USSR, the October Revolution began a new age in history and affected a century of political policy.

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Created: September 11, 2008 · Modified: December 8, 2008

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