Evelyn Ann Morrissey

Evelyn Ann Morrissey

Other Service · US Air Force
Other Service
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Other Service

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Air Force

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United States of America

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Stories about Evelyn Ann Morrissey

My Grandmother

    My grandmother was always a loving and kind person. She loved everyone, even if she didnt know how to show it. She went through a lot in her life, but never let it bring her down. My favorite quote from her is "NO ONE is to wear black at my funeral, except you Desiri because it's your happy color. I want to make sure that there is no one crying either. I want everyone to throw a huge party and celebrate my life, because I will be enjoying my time with God in my new home, with no pain."

    She always had her home open to animals or people in need, and had a heart that never stopped giving.

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