26 Dec 1897 1
Jan 1972 1

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Full Name:
Thomas Paul Ennis 2
Full Name:
Thomas Ennis 1
26 Dec 1897 1
Jan 1972 1
Last Residence: Lambertville, NJ 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: New Jersey 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-4113 1

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Thomas Ennis

Lambertville, NJ

Thomas was the father of STEVE ENNIS... (This is a seperate family from the Eugene and Helen [Carswell] Ennis Family that also lived in Lambertville at the same time.

Note # 1;  19 Feb. 2011   Barbi,  My name is Steve Ennis I am from Lambertville, NJ. My father’s name Was Thomas Paul Ennis, he was born Dec. 26, 1897 and he died Jan. 2,1972 when I was 18. I think he had 3 brothers (John, Harry,& Owen) and a sister (Margret).  He was in his mid fifties when I was born, and worked on the railroad for something like 47yrs. Do you have any idea if they were related? I have 3 sisters(2 older 1 younger) and a older brother.   It would be nice to know.  Thank you,  Steve Ennis

5 March, 2011 from Lynn Ennis Reichner; 

6 March, 2011 from Steve to Lynn;   I am from the family that is connected to Ennis Market. My Uncle John was the owner of the market, and my father was Thomas(1897 to 1972) and  he worked on the railroad for many years. Uncle Harry ran the sewerage Authority, and my aunt Margaret lived near the river and took care of my Grandmother Lucinda. My uncle Owen move out of town, and I really didn't know him. I am not good with the family history, because most of the family was fairly old when I was born. My oldest sister Fran is I think 66, Cheryl is 64, my brother Tom is 61, I will be 58 in July, and my younger sister Pauline will be 54 in Sept. We were all born in Doylestown Hospital. For some reason Eva rings a bell but I don't know why. My sister Fran will most likely know, She lives in Washington state.

The *OTHER* Ennis Family;  5 March, 2011;  Hi Steve,  I am  adding my sister Lynn in on this, she is the "Ennis Family" person, and at the minute I do not remember where my "Family Tree" is.  Did you find me on footnote ?  I am the Historian for my Dad/Edward C Ennis' WWII Bomber Group.  Ed was the last of 9 living children, all born in Lambertville.  Lynn will have to add the names in for you though.  Ed lived to be over 90 (1914-2005) and was the last child of Helen (Carswell) and Eugene Ennis.  Helen passed when he was 2 and 1/2 and his dad/Gene when he was 12, at which time he moved to Phila to finish 8th grade at the Little Flower's Catholic School (Germantown) with the highest honors ever recorded.....  then he earned a full scholarship to LaSalle College Prep but instead took his first full time job, 60 hours a week for 5 bucks!  Times were tough, he lived with his oldest brother Henry, wife and kids as well as Joe, Rose, Christine.  I well remember visiting my Aunt Eva in Lambertville, on a side street... I remember asking a tough question (that I got into HOT water for) "How did Aunt Eva get her HUGE feet into those tiny shoes?" which she told me that in the morning 1st thing, her ankles were not yet swollen..... 
  After the War, Ed and Alta moved back to Alta's home town of Doylestown where Lynn, Patty, Ted and Alison were born (I was born on an Army Air base in Conn during the War) and MY children born in Doylestown as well....  Lynn lives in Florida now, there is a cousin "Gene" living not very far from her... she will write that in.
   In the grand scheme of things, it is Lynette 1943, Barbi 1945, Patty 1946, Ted(Ed Jr.) 1953 and Alison 1954.  Alison is in Perkasie and Patty in Selersville.
  I moved to AZ in 1970 and am still here :)  It was great to see your note and I hope that some names ring a bell.  I look forward to both you and Lynn filling in some blanks :)  Blessings, Barbi

Ennis Market, Gourmet and Deli    5 N Union St    Lambertville, NJ 08530

Barbi is an Historian for the Ed Ennis WWII B-25 Bomber Group and will continue to add as we receive info from Steve :)  6 Mar. 2011


 I am Lynn,  Barbi's sister.   I checked  with Gene Ennis who is 83 and he says there were two Ennis families, with no family connections,  at that time in Lambertville.    The family who was not related to us owned Ennis Market. I am enclosing a family tree that gives names that are part of our tree.   I hope this helps you.  Gene said I could share his telephone number if it would help so let me know.   Lynn

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