08 Feb 1906 1
Mar 1986 1

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Full Name:
Hoyt Brown 1
08 Feb 1906 1
Mar 1986 1
Last Residence: Rockville, MD 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Maryland 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-7807 1

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Francis & Hoyt Gray's biological & adopted parents

Kankakee, IL

Francis & Hoyt Gray were the sons of Alginon Gray & Martha Dortch. The boys were adopted soon after this picture by Alice Lucas Johnston & Howard Henry Brown. The boys were raised near Charlottesville, VA, in the Crozet-Yancey Mills area. They were raised on a fruit orchard, and the Hillsboro Baptist chuch adjoined their property. The boys were baptised there, and grew up attending that church.

Hoyt married Grace Omohundro

Crozet, Virginia

Hoyt was a resident of Crozet, near Charlottesville, VA. Hoyt and Grace married Dec 9, 1927. They later divorced. Hoyt later remarried.

Grace Omohundro & Hoyt Gray Brown have a son

Albemarle, near Charlottesville, VA, USA

Grace & Hoyt had a son, that they named Hoyt Gray Brown Jr. Note that the middle name Gray is Hoyt Sr's biological name. Hoyt's biological parents were Alginon Gray & Martha Dortch. He was adopted by Alice Lucas Johnston & Howard Henry Brown. 

The home Francis & Hoyt were raised in

near Charlottesville, VA, USA

Brown's house -vertical view from original driveway-picture taken 3-05-Dortch addendum.jpg
2 images

This is the home the Brown's owned while raising the boys. It was a fruit orchard farm. This is the way the home looked when built. Stucco over brick. It sits up on a hill. Later HWY 250 was built and ran right in front of their house, it was about that time the Brown's sold their house. Later, Alice Lucas Johnston & Howard Henry Brown moved to Florida, near Miami, and Mrs. Brown lived the remainder of her life there. One picture shows the original columns at the end of the driveway, before HWY 250 was built. Standing just to the right of these colomns is the Hillsboro Baptist church.

Francis & Hoyt's sisters: Fannie & Maude Gray

Kankakee, Il & Mecklenburg, VA

Maude Gray 1931
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Alginon Gray married Theresa India Dortch. He had two daughters, Fannie (my gr. grandma) & Maude. Theresa had epilepsy and died young from it. Then Alginon married Theresa's younger sister Martha Dortch and had Francis & Hoyt. Alginon died in a railroad bridge accident in Oct 1912. He was helping to build the bridge. Not too much later, the boys were adopted by Alice Lucas Johnston & Howard Henry Brown. The boys kept their biological name as their middle name. When the boys were about 21, the Browns brought the boys to meet their mother, Martha Dortch in Winston-Salem, NC. Virginia Oakley, Martha's oldest child with Artie Oakley, spent the summer with the Browns and kept in touch with Francis & Hoyt. Our family unfortunately, had orphan situations, lack of ability to read and write, not much money for letters, and lost touch with most of the family. In about 1950, Fannie asked her daughter Catherine Stowe (in my profile picture) to help her try to find her brothers, and other family from Mecklenburg County, VA.  Fannie was born in Mecklenburg & both her parents were raised in the Bracey area of Mecklenburg. Fannie never saw her brothers or Martha again. In about 1945, the boys lived near Washington DC, according to a family letter. So I continue grandma Fannie's search to find her brother's families. I have found Hoyt's family & wish to find Francis family, so I created this page in hopes someone will recognize what I have written. 

Note: Alginon Gray's father, John Gray, immigrated to this country from Ireland in 1838. So Francis, Hoyt, Fannie & Maude are second generation American.

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