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My Grandmother

    Dixie Storr is my Grandmother.  What I recall about Dixie Storr is a warm and loving memory.  Her husband, Carl Allen and Dixie had 4 children: My mother, Glee A. Allen, her sister Jeanette Reid, Stanley Allen and Ray Allen why all lived together in Summerland, Ca.  Carl, early in their marriage was working in the off shore oil wells, and fell to his death from a derrek into the ocean.  He and my Grandmother are buried at the St. Francis Cemetery in Santa Barbara.  Grandma worked at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital all her life in the Emergency Room where she was the Head Nurse.  She raised all her children from this town and from this occupation.  Later she married Ed Storr, and thus became Dixie Storr.  She had been raised in Nebraska or Kansas.  But never talked much about this early childhood.  However she did mention that she was from Montreal Canada and their childhood name was Bruyette...spelling?  When she retired from her job at the hospital she came to live with me and my father and my mother, her daughter Glee.  She lived in a trailer behind our house on my Fathers Farm.  She loved to play cards, watch Television and had a pet minitature Chiwawa who was named Dumbo because he had giant ears.  Dumbo slept with her and was her constant companion.  Grandma Dixie had a group of women from Exeter, Ca. that she played cards with, mostly Canasta and Cribage.  When she was at home in her trailer she played Solitaire.  On Sundays she invited me to have a traditional Sunday Breakfast with her.  She cooked up the best breakfast imaginable.  And together we watched television.  This went on for years.  She was always gentle and good with me.  At some point she took over my job in our family kitchen as the cook.  I was not happy about this, but by then I graduated from high school and left the family farm and went up into the mountains and onto college....in the 1980's while I was living in Las Vegas, Nevada...Grandma Storr passed on.  She had created a moment of peace and joy in my early high school days.  I thank her for the early memories of playing in her backyard in Summerland and the beautiful garden she had planted there.  I recall one summer when she went to visit in Europe...she requested my services for the entire summer, while she was traveling to water her plants and be in charge of her garden.  I watered and cared for her garden every day.  It looked beautiful and grew and grew and was ever so green.  That was a good summer of responsibility.  She was happy with her garden and me when she returned.  That was a grand summer for her two because she got to visit History.

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