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Doxie Madeline nee Porter nee Ladd DeBroeck

  • Born Eagletown Oklahoma

Madeline  better known as Matt, was born in the Choctaw Nation in Eagletown, where her family farmed, Her Father was George Dixon Porter her Mother was Nannie Susan nee Martin Porter, George and Nannie had 9 children who lived, Frank, Mable(Jo), Ora Dell, Jack, William (Bill). Doxie(Matt), John F., Katherine(Katey), and Nancy.

My mother was an avid fisherman, gardener, excellent Farm wife, and she taught me the serenity of milking a cow at 6 a.m. by hand. She had bad luck in her marriages, first to my Father who could not express himself and his emotions well, and then to Mr. DeBroeck who was as some put it a sadistic psycopath, she Divorced him after 23 years of hell and was never quite the same as her personality had been sublimated by so many years of psychological abuse, But Mom was Mom and we all loved her, she had two children with Mr.DeBroeck my brother Christopher who had no children and a sister Debbi who died in infancy. Mom always said she stayed with Mr. DeBroeck for us kids but as an adult female now I know that it was fear of losing her children that kept her there.

My mother was a crack shot, and once blew a racoon out of a tree at about 300 feet,  got him in the head with a .22 rifle, the coon had been getting into her chickens and stealing eggs, all in all Mother was not someone you would care to tangle with if you were intent on harming her children or her animals.  I never was able to know the beautiful Blackhaired half breed my mother was as a young woman, but she was true to her blood, Cherokee women are that way.

I miss her more and more as I get older and hear her spirit when the rivers break loose and the Salmon begin to run, yata hey

Susan Virginia Ladd Nielsen


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