09 Mar 1953 1
Jul 1987 1

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Richard Freese 1
09 Mar 1953 1
Jul 1987 1
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Social Security Number: ***-**-2954 1

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Richard S "Dick" Frese ( NOT Freese) Born 1947 (NOT 1953)

Souderton, Pa.

   Richard "Dick" Frese was born in Souderton, PA on 26 June, 1947 and passed in Glastenbury, Conn. on 17 July, 1987.   Dick was married to Carol and they have three children.   In 1987, daughter was 12 and two sons, ages 10 and 6.    Dick was employed as a statistician, actuary for Travelers Insurance.

    Dick was the picture of health and in an exercise/health club but had a fatal heart attack.  Dick and Carol and their beautiful family lived on Old Musket Road in Glastenbury, Conn.

  Dick's parents, Mr and Mrs. Herman ("Bud" and Betty) Frese lived on Fairview Ave. Sellersville, Pa.  they have 4 children, other children are ____, Scott (and Mary Lou) and daughter Wendy Frese.

   The Frese family had a summer home at Byram on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River, 10 miles or so above Stockton, N.J.  Summer fun included boating and water-skiing.   Dick was a wonderful and considerate man.

Home Town Souderton, Pa.

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