01 Aug 1926 1
14 Oct 2006 1

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Full Name:
Sarah lou Rhoades 1
01 Aug 1926 1
14 Oct 2006 1
Last Residence: South Lake Tahoe, CA 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Last Payment: South Lake Tahoe, CA 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-4573 1

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Sarah Lou (Doman) Rhoades


Mildred Ethel [maiden name Baughn] Brown/Doman is the mother of Charles O Brown, Jr. ("Brownie") from her 1st marrage, then marreid to Nick Doman and they had 2 daughters; Palmena (1923) and Sarah Lou (1926) Doman.

  Sarah Lou Doman (1926-2006) married Leroy Elton Rhoades (1924 to 2010)

Sarah and Leroy had __ Children; Michael Lee Rhoades and Nicole Rhoades Bengiveno.... and _____?

   1 August 2011, their son Michael Rhoades found the web-page of his Mother's brother, his Uncle Charlie / Charles O Brown, Jr. KIA in WWII over Italy 2 Dec. 1943.

    I am Barbi Ennis Connolly and am a 57th Bomb Wing Historical Researcher and the Historian for the 319th and 321st Bomb Groups.  MY Dad/Edward Ennis and Charles O Brown, Jr. "Brownie" were best friends.... Please see the link under the MAP to the left.

Hi Barbi,
  It was great to read some of my families history.  I'm Michael Rhoades.  My uncle was Charles Brown..  My mom was Sarah Lou Rhoades (Doman).  She loved her brother very much, Charles O Brown, Jr. and was devastated by his death.  I knew he died in world war II,  was shot down over Italy.   Had been married/divorced.  My Mom had told me he had been in the insurance business before the war and that when he was killed the company put a rememberance plaque on the building in San Francisco.  Haven't been able to locate.  My sister Nicole Bengiveno has visited his grave.  I also have a cousin named after him Orville Grantham,  mother is Pam Gratham.  She's the only elder left.  My grandmother Mildred lived with her until her death at 99.   Some of the family history I knew and some I've been putting together.   My grandmother Mildred told me she can to Cailfornia in a wagon train.  Her only brother was thrown by a horse and broke is neck and died at a young age.  They came from Wyoming where they had one of the largest sheep ranches.  We still have the mineral rights in the family.  There was a rumor that my mom's grandfather was really her grandfathers brother,  but it looks like he may have worked for them.  I'm not sure why my Uncle Charlie ("Brownie") lived with the grandparents in Santa Cruz,  I remember my mom saying he did for a while.  My mothers father died when she was seven,  massive heart attach,  very young,   in his 30's.  I'd love to trace his history,  but he came from Yugoslovia, and don't know very much.    Anyway,  thanks so much for the info,
                                                                      Michael Lee Rhoades

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