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Emily Carringer

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Biography of Emily Kemp Auble

  • San diego, California, USA

Emily Kemp Auble came to San Diego in about 1911 with her parents, and lived at 767 14th Avenue in San Diego for several years.  She attended San Diego High School, but left school after her father died.  She worked to support her mother, and met Lyle Carringer while working at Marston's.  She worked at Marston's for several periods between 1920 and 1940.

Emily was a housewife and  loved gardening and flower arranging.  She was a member of the San Diego Floral Association and the Flower Guild Arrangers of San Diego.  She entered many floral arrangement competitions and was a master judge of flower arrangements for the National Council of State Gardens Club.   She was also a member of the Point Loma Assembly and Ikebana International.

She was a warm and gentle person who loved being with friends and family.

Emily died following a stroke at home.  She is inurned at Cypress View Mausoleum (Bronze Corridor, Niche 60) in San Diego, CA.

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