28 Jul 1917 1
27 Dec 1991 1

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Erle G Swanson 1
28 Jul 1917 1
27 Dec 1991 1
Pilot 2
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Social Security Number: ***-**-5235 1

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Capt Erle Swanson, B-25 Pilot WWII 321stBG,448thBS


Capt. Erle "SWANNY" Swanson 321st Bomb Group, 448th BS /MTO /WWII

Capt. Erle G Swanson; 321st BG,448th BS. This B-25 Pilot is the Uncle of Todd Laney. 

The Pilot in question was my uncle, Erle G. Swanson "Swanny" (Dec).Erle was a Captain in the 448th BS. He flew with the squadron from 3-13-44 to 3-10-45, compiling 60 combat missions. "Twin Engine Sadie" was flown by him on 5-26-44 for two missions that day, The 1st was group mission # 305 to Tivoli, Italy and the 2nd was group mission # 307 to Cecina, Italy.     It helps to bring the history to life. I am currently a member of the 57th BW Assoc. and enjoy receiving and reading the quarterly newsletters. In my research I found that he flew some other "named" B-25's... .... ....He flew the "Duck" S/N 41-30005  and the was "Silver Belle"  S/N 43-27706. and "The Big Swing" 43-4067 ,  Erle also flew that plane on 2-4-45 group mission # 714. (Missions assembled bt Todd from the 321st Bomb Group History

Barbi Ennis Connolly 321st Bomb Group Historian

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