14 Jan 1976 1
21 Oct 1997 1

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Full Name:
Aaron C Mackay 1
14 Jan 1976 1
21 Oct 1997 1
Last Residence: Richfield, UT 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-9460 1

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Seafood grill

Salt Lake City, Utah

Aaron and I used to get together for lunch when he would travel to SLC from Richfield. We would usually go to a place called the Seafood Grill. It was an all-you-can-eat place that you cooked your own on a grill in your table. It was quite expensive but we loved it. Frequently you could see the skeptical look on the waiters face as Aaron and I loaded our plates with things to cook. It was a look of new found respect for both of us as we 2 skinny guys pounded more food than most people could eat in 2 meals.

CF Camp

Ogden, Weber, Utah, Usa

We were the terrors of CF Camp. The picture is on the 4th of August 1988. We 6 were inseperable. We got into a lot of trouble that year for totally wasting a tent from a group of girls at camp. It was so worth it.

Just now I was reading a recipe that Aaron made up for what he called "Indonesian Chicken". I will have to try making it this week. When he was in the hospital I would bring up ingredients he would call for and we would make food in club med.

I remember dancing with him so many times at camp. I remember laughing with him at cepacia camp and going cruising out on the town. I remember the last time I saw him.....I knew he was sick. I remember phone conversations that wish I remembered better...

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