Granite, UT 1
04 Apr 1978 1
Apr 1978 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Sarah Louretta Despain Maynes 1
Full Name:
Louretta Maynes 2
Granite, UT 1
Female 1
17 Mar 1890 2
04 Apr 1978 1
Apr 1978 2
Last Residence: Boise, ID 2
Mother: Sarah Catherine Egbert 1
Father: William Joseph Despain 1
John Alexander Maynes III 1
10 Sep 1913 1
Spouse Death Date: 11 Jul 1940 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Idaho 2
Social Security Number: ***-**-1692 2

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A woman of faith

Salt Lake County UT

My Grandmother was an interesting person with a lot more history than I knew as she was alive. She had 8 sons, followed by 2 daughters (including my mother).  During World War II she had about 5 sons in the military at the same time. All made it home after the war.  At home she prayed for her sons and taught her daughters to pray for their brothers. Searching her name on links only to this page and a premium item:Missing Air Crew Reports showing her name as the mother of Alden Maynes. Here is the index information for that record:

# Title/Collection: Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs) of the U.S. Army Air Forces, 1941-1948
# Publication Number: M1380
# Publisher: NARA
# Short Description: NARA M1380. Over 16,000 case files of Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs) and related records of the US Army Air Forces, 1942-1947.
# Year: 1944
# Serial Number: 42-32113
# Report Number: 4952
# Location: Vicinity Of Berlin, Germany
# Point Of Departure: A A F Sta 111
# Annotations:18 added

    * Alden D Maynes
      Louretta D Maynes

Some more of that story:

From a talk by Russell D. Cheney at BYU-ID

The book, "Saints at War" records the experiences of some of these men. I would like to use a couple of examples of LDS men submitting to the will of the Lord in the face of death.

Alden Maynes was a copilot on a B-17 bomber. He had completed 25 successful missions over Germany when his luck ran out. The crew had just released six bombs over Berlin when the tail of the airplane was shot away, throwing the plane into a barrel roll. As Brother Maynes tried to make his way to the escape hatch, his parachute caught on something and was pulled open. He attempted to close it without success and was forced to bail anyway. At 27,000 feet without oxygen, he lost consciousness as he fell through the air. When he came to, he was still falling and the war was going on around him. Planes were still dropping bombs and antiaircraft guns were still being fired. Falling toward a mass of fire and destruction, with his parachute trailing unopened above him, he gyrated in 25 foot circles. He tried to draw it down in hopes he could force it open, but the effort proved impossible. At this point, he talked to  God and told him that he had done all that he could do and that it was now in God's hands. Alden Maynes submitted completely trusting in the will of the Lord. Immediately a calm and peaceful feeling settled over him and he knew that whatever happened would be all right.

As he continued to fall, he drifted away from the bombed area. As he fell past a six-story building, his chute caught hold of the roof, holding him briefly and then tore loose. Barely missing the building, his parachute caught again, this time on a street lamp--saving his life, suspending his feet three feet above the sidewalk. Though he was taken prisoner, in his heart he knew that God had spared his life. God did more for Alden Maynes than he ever could have done for himself.



God answers prayers. Sometimes not the way we would hope but also sometimes in miraculous ways. That faith was in my Grandmother and has also been my experience.

It is a great gift to be able to believe and to see the hand of God in our lives.



Personal History

 I Sarah Louretta Despain was born March 17,1890 in Granite Salt Lake County Utah, in a log cabin. When I was about 2 years old the log cabin burned down. My cousin Florence and Flora Egbert took me by the hands and took me to their mothers home. After the house burned, my father built a home of bricks. There I spent the rest of my life until I married. I was born of goodly parents. My father, William Joseph DeSpain was so kind to everyone. Nothing he wouldn’t do for any one. My mother, Sarah Cathern Egbert, was thought of very highly among all who knew her. When I was born they feared for both my mothers life as well as my own but through both faith and prayers both our lives were saved. When I was six years old I started school in a one room school building. Before I started to school I used to play with my cousin Bendetta and her brothers. They used to call me a Tomboy. I was very shy and it stayed with me many years. When I was about 15 I went to stay with my Aunt Clara Thompson as she was very ill. While there I took sick and had to go home. I lived about a mile from her place. Every one I met on the way home asked me bout my Aunt Clara. On the way home I stopped at my grandmothers and she made me go to bed but while I was on the bed a peddler called to see my Grandmother and while she was talking to him, I up and walked home. When I got home my mother said you had to come home after all. I told her she could take care of me if she wanted to but when she saw me in so much pain she became concerned and tried to get a call to the doctor but he had broken his leg and his brother had to take his place. He was so busy he didn’t have time to come see me . That was before automobiles were invented. I was sick two weeks before they could get a doctor to come and see me. Finally mother got real upset and one day the doctor was going to Wasatch and she went out in the road and stopped him and had him come in to see me. When he saw me he called the hospital. I was taken to Salt Lake in a train, from there I was taken to the hospital. The next morning the doctor came to examine me and rushed me off to the operating room. He didn’t even prepare me for an operation or anything. Dr Vanderberg told my father that I only had one in a thousand chance of coming out of it After spending nine weeks in bed they let me go home. I had been home three weeks, We were all sitting around the fire and our neighbor came and got after father for letting our cows get his hay. It frightened me so much I had to go back too the hospital. They found I had an obsesse over my kidneys so I had to have another operation. I was ready to go home and the doctor came in to see me and brought the flu bug and caused me to spend another seven weeks in the hospital. While I was there they put a tube in my side to drain the pus out of my side but it caused me so much pain that I could not sleep. My Mutual girls held a fast and prayer meeting in my behalf. That night my nurse had tucked me in bed and laid down on her cot and someone came and fixed my pillows so I could rest without so much pain. I ask her how she knew how to fix them but she said she never moved after she had gone to bed. That it was an angel that had come and fixed my pillows. When I was 13 years old I graduated from the 8th grade.  I was the only one out of a class of 10 to graduate. We thought it was a great honor to graduate from the 8th grade as they didn’t have high school in those days. They just started high school when my sister Olive was old enough to go to it. She was a school teacher when she graduated from school. When I was in the 6th grade I had a teacher named J. C. L. Lund. He was a very large man and wore a swallow tail coat and I had a cousin named Willie Thompson. One day Willie did some thing Mr. Lund didn’t like so he locked him in the coal shack. Willie climbed out the window and ran down the street. Mr. Lund started after him and as he ran his coat tail flew out behind him. So the whole school started to laugh. Willie ran home and hid under his mother’s bed and while Mr. Lund was hunting for him he ran and hid behind a rock. I had a teacher when I was in the 7th grade by the name of Mr. Briton. He put his horse up at our place while he went to school; and one morning when he went to school he came and caught me milking our cows as Mervin my brother didn’t have time to milk them before he went to school. It embarrassed me. I never would milk them again. When I was in the 8th grade I had Pearl Mitchell for my teacher our school was now a two room school and Pearl had a companion Miss Tucker. They rented a house West of my mother’s house. One morning I was sick they came to see me and Pearl played the Piano for me. It sounded so good.  I went into her mother’s in 9th So, Salt Lake City to study and they had some one break into their home the night before. I was frightened so I could not sleep that night. After I graduated I went to Bountiful to live with Pearl’s mother for a while and rode on the Bamberger train to and from school when I was going to the L. D. S. Business Collage I had gone about six months when I contacted diphtheria and had to quit school. I never went back.
 The first time I had anything to do with death was when my brother Warren died. He suffered something when he died. He was promised his patriarchal Blessing that he would soon be called on a mission. Mother thought it meant an earthly mission but it was a mission on the other side. Before Warren was called to go my father was called on a mission to go to the Northern States for two years and my sister Edna got married. She married Wm H Dixion and moved to Cowley Wyo. My brother Charles and sister Edna and Wm Dixion were called to go to New Zealand on a mission. After they had been there about one year Edna became very ill and they had to send her home. The mission President told her husband if he would stay and finish his mission his wife would be all right. As soon as she got on the ship to come home she began to get better and she did. When the two years were up they came to Granite for a number of years and had three children Cathy, Henry, and Newell. They then left and went to Wyo.

Father died 29 April 1918 of cancer.

In 1912. I met the man who was to be my husband (his name is John Alexander Maynes but we called him Jack for a nick name). We were married on September 10, 1913 We had a large reception in the lawn in front of our house. I had quincy [Quinsy* A quinsy is a peritonsillar abscess * Causes severe tonsillar pain and trismus ] and couldn’t go to it and had to stay in the house while every body was having a good time at the reception.
Jacks mother came home from her mission in 1914. Her husband died in the mission field in England.
On Oct 6, 1914 my first boy Darrel was born. Jan 29,1916 my second boy John Alexander was born he had a split lip. He was a very bright baby and I had his lip sewed up and then he looked fine. Oct 31, 1917 my third boy  William Joseph was born.  My father came over to our place and gave him a blessing and named him William Joseph after him. Mar 23,1919 Lawrence Milton my forth boy was born and on Dec 21, 1920 my fifth boy Alden was born. On Mar 24,1925 my sixth boy Robert was born. I nearly died but with faith and prayers of my husband both Robert and myself were saved. Gaylen was born on Mar 7, 1927 and Fredrick was born on Aug 14,1929 making eight boys total. Fred was so cute we called him Teddie until he started to school and he called himself Fred. Then my first girl Marna was born on Sep 1,193[1] and the Dr. was so excited he run into the orchard shouting “it’s a girl, it’s a girl”. On April 11, 1934 our little girl Mary was born. She was so cute every body loved her. I named most of my boys with the name of Despain after my maiden name.
 Edna died in 1926 I went to her funeral in Lovell Wyo. Mother was feeling so blue and not being able to go to the funeral because she was sick herself. She said I will be left alone but my husband said Louretta can stay with you. I had decided to go to the funeral myself. My sister-in-law took care of mother so every thing worked out fine after all.
Douglas my brother died. He suffered so much /I never wanted to see any one suffer like he did. He had two boys in World War 2 and one of them didn’t make it home for the funeral. That made him mad. I don’t know if he ever got over being mad or not.
I had a sister Tessa Maud who married a man named Thomas Fryer. They went to New Zealand on their Honeymoon and when they came back they moved to Detroit Oregon. Tessa’s husband went first and got my husband to go with Tessa because she had some little children and couldn’t manage them by herself. That was the first time he had ever been away from home . After he came back they wanted me to go down to be with Tessa because she was going to have another baby. I took my little girls and went down. We were gone for a month. We then went to Seattle to see Jack’s sister Edith Wilson. We stayed there three days and then went back home. While we were at Edith’s we went across the bay in a ship and visited a cousin of Jacks and took a trip over the city which we enjoyed very much.
  Before 1918 I was a teacher in Sunday School, Mutual, and Relief Society. At that time there was an epidemic of flue going around .Jack’s brother Burt caught it and died. I had the flue and they wouldn’t let me go to the funeral..
Jack died July 10, 1940 and left me with the children to take care of. There was surely a large crowed at the funeral . My doctor Woosley said he never knew he was having a funeral or he would have been there. He was a very nice man and took fruit for his payment. I had him for Gaylen, Fred, Marna and Mary when they were born.

Marna got married to a young man by the name of Lloyd McGee. He was a very nice boy, a good Latter Day Saint. They were married in the L. D. S. Temple. After they got married Lloyd wanted to finish school so Marna went to work to keep him in school. They came to live with me. Then they moved to a campus for a few years. When Lloyd graduated and got his Phd he got a job working for Dupont in Delaware and took his family and myself with them. It was the first I had been into the East. While I was there we visited the boardwalk, the Atlantic Ocean. I went to their meetings which was held in a lodge belonging to the Odd Fellows. I went to Relief Society and enjoyed it very much. We visited one place and the man had a garden of Roses, over 300 different kinds. They were beautiful. Another place we visited the lady of the house brought out her silver tea set and offered us some tea but we didn’t take the tea so she hurried and fixed punch and cookies.
In August [1958] Bob’s boy Dale died and I caught the plane and flew home. Then Mary was in an automobile accident and broke her leg so I caught another plan and flew to Arizona to take care of her. She was pregnant with Brenda at the time. [dates don’t match]
On the 27th of August 1950 I was called to go on a Stake Mission for a couple of years. My companion and I may have converted a few . Anyway with the Lords help don’t think you can do anything without the Lords help. I met Selma Bently who moved down from Bingham and we became very good friends.
 I had been working in genealogy long before my husband died and am still trying to do some of it yet. The Lord is helping me with it so between the two of us we should accomplish it.

 I washed my floor but didn’t get it dry. I stepped on a wet spot and fell, breaking my shoulder. Within 15 min, three of my boys, Darrell, Fred, and Gaylen were there to help me. They rushed me into the doctors. He said I wouldn’t me able to use my arm again. A short time it was well and I was feeling fine again. After this happened the boys decided I should not stay alone so they sold my home in Midvale.[after 1969] I then had to move in with my children. Fred was building his home and while he finished it he moved in with me and his wife Colleen  and two children , Mark and Curt. Sense then Mark got married and Curt went on a mission to England.
I came to live with Marna then with Mary, Then I stayed with Bob. Then I came to Mary’s. I am now working on my Genealogy again.
When I was 75 they had an open house for me in Midvale. I was pleased to meet all my old friends again. I am now 87 years old now and may have left out of my History but I still love you all my children and hope you will always keep yourselves clean and live the Gospel. I pray this will always be so.  [died April 4 1978]

Memorial Days

Salt Lake City UT

Grandma maynes grew lots of flowers around her home. A tradition was to take the flowers to the grave of her husband and son on Memorial day. This video clip shows her there along with lots of her kids and grandkids. BY the ages, I'd guess around 1960.


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