Kenneth C Madsen

Kenneth C Madsen

World War II · US Navy

Kenneth C Masen Painting

  • murray ut

I have a Kenneth C Madsen painting that hold wonderful and dear childhood memories.  The painting was giving to my father by Kenneth, in exchange for work do.  The painting was always hung in my parents home growing up.  And now it hangs in my home.  The painting is a beutiful fall mountaines, forest, with a stream.  It is dated, by kenneth 66.  Just thought I would share.  If you want to contact me go ahead, I would love to share it with his family.  Thanks

    Uncle Kenneth was a brilliant artist whose paintings are in every capitol of the U.S. and all over the world! I'm lucky enough to have one of his works that he did for my mother. He was always one to make you laugh and make you feel special!

      Kenneth was my Grandfather. My father Steve Madsen has tried over the years to document all of his dad's paintings, but they are scattered and we don't know where alot of them have ended up. Was the painting done in return for dental work? If so I know the painting, either way I would love to see a photo of it, so I could share it with the rest of