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The Matthew's Trading Post, by Harry E. Handley, Reprinted from the 1963 Journal of the Greenbrier Historical Society.


Customers at the Greenbrier trading post included: Isaac Van Bibber 6-1771 and 10-1772.

The first trading post, or store, within the confines of the present limits of Greenbrier (County) , for which there is any known record, was owned by Sampson and George Matthews, and is said to have been located on the Greenbrier River, now known as Matthews Ford. Two of the Day Books, in which were kept an account of the charges for purchases made and credits for produce sold to the store, have survived. They cover the time interval 8 April 1771 to 26 Jan 1773. The names of many customers appear
only once during the more than twenty-one months covered by the two books, but the names of others appear repeatedly, and from the various entries it is possible to gain considerable insight into the tenor of community life in this frontier area. Only the names of those mentioned in the two books are being given, followed by the month and year of the first mentioned, the month and year of last mentioned.

Customers at the Greenbrier trading post included: Isaac Van Bibber 6-1771 and 10-1772.

Those who paid with deerskins were Isaac Van Bibber, who killed the most
deer, and Joseph and James Davis. Van Bibber selling at least 230 deerskins. Davis' sold more than 100 deerskins.

In 1774, Isaac Van Bibber, an Old Side Baptist Minister, served in the Southern Division of General Andrew Lewis, under command of Colonel Charles Lewis. Isaac was wounded in the Battle of Point Pleasant, on October 10 1774, he died about thirty hours later, making his actual death date as October 11 1774. He was buried beside Colonel Charles Lewis, and later moved, along with others, that were killed in the battle, to a nearby resting place.

An inventory of his possessions is found in Botetourt County, Virginia, his widow Sarah (Davis) Van Bibber, Administrator.

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