Submitted by: David J Brown

    "Mr. J. J. Tanner (Tannen?)
    Dear Sir,

    in regard to the Van Bibber famley(family) my great grandfather Van Bibber came from Holland tenmed (?) Duch (Dutch?) Plymouth Colony settle near Boston Captain Matthias Van Bibber or (for?) short Tice was my grandfather. He was the hero of the Van Bibber
    Rock at the falls of Kanawha.
    My grandunkles names Capt. John Van Bibber aided by his faithful negro servant Dave killed to (two) or three Indians in attacked near the Point (Point Pleasant) and his Brother Joseph Van Bibber taken Prisoner to Detroit dident (didn't) git back for to (two) years
    Capt James Van Bibber, Peter Van Bibber Isaac Van Bibber the famus (Famous) Blacksmith
    who mad(e) big butcher knives to scalo Indians and tom(a)ocks and stell (steel) traps he made for Daniel Boon(e) whitch he named it ol(d) Isaak because it was the best. Jacob Van Bibber who was taking prisoner atan tak (?) of the indians with my gran(d)father Capt Matthias had hi eyebrow shot off Jacob was atking (taken) to the oshage (Osage) indian tribe to (two) years be fore (before) he returne(d)
    Jesse Van Bibber the faimost (famous?) hunter and indian tracker who loved to eat a tarifron (terrapin?) like and (an) indian with its hea cut off and Rasted (roasted) like a potatoe he lived in maron (Marion?) county in this state near where the greate battl(e) of the point pleasant (Point Pleasant) was fot (fought) with the indians him and his Brother
    fiting (fighting) side by side from moring (morning) til nigt (night) going up crooked creek and and (?) going the battle of the Day
    Capt David C. R. Van Bibber my father was a son of Capt Matthias Van Bibber or Tise (Tice) for short My father Capt David C. R. Van Bibber was born (in) 1799 on the Camp (?) fork of peter's creek which is now Nicholas County West Va The camp fork took its namw from Capt Matthias Van Bibber who explored the wile (wild?) of this country in an early day and had his camp under a big rock or clift (cliff) he
    went to Holland on account of their faith and Religion and her name was Margaret Robi(n)son before she marid (married) his father and how she had to live in fourts (forts) and help fiite (fight) the indians and his Ant (Aunt) Rhode Van Bibber run(n)ing theBullits as fast as thay shot them making to hot for the read shinds (redskins) and how she lade (laid) ___ little baby his sister on
    the banks of the great canawhay (Kanawha River) When the indians had him surroun(d)ed he had to Jump into the river and I(?) met him with a cannwo (canoe) swimming with one hand and the gun in the other Capt David C R Van Bibber my father lived near the site wher(e) he was born till he was in his 90 year he was a farmmer o(w)ning 2000 acre of land in one boddy (body) joining the homr stead
    he was a level headed Dymocrat my mother was Jane Williams by faith and work she was a chip of the old block a hol(d)ing to the missionary Baptist that was esstablished by the great Rodger Williams the founder of the missionary Baptist S(C)hurch of the united states

    And what my father told me. I heard him say that four Brothers com(e) from holland th(ey) were (f)arm (h)ands or by Duch (Dutch) My great grandfather was Peter my great grandmother was magor Bounds. She was born in Wales My great grandparents had eighteen children ten boys and eight girls Great great gran(d)mother died at Nathan Boon(e)s aged one hundred and eleven years old
    the fore (four) brother(s) whitch names was Abraham Isaac Peter John settle near Boston but like pigdons (pigeons?) to the mast they went to North carolina to greenbriar river the fore (four) Brothers b(u)ilt them a fourt (fort) to proteck (protect) them from the indians my gran(d)father Matthias Van Bibber wa born in that fort after that these fore (four) Brothers

    Abrham Isace Peter and John sould (sold) their posesions went to point pleasant and they got the Indian again two of the brothers was killed by the indians Isace and Abrham the old darkey Dave hel(d) the fort Dave had furrows cut through the wool on his head never give up he saved the fort after that the indians took two sisters of my
    Gran(d)fathers and one boy they scalped one girl she went home told howthe indians had tahing the three children the scalped one died they were making sugar when this happen(ed) kept them untill peace was made gran(d)father then hunted them upin kanid (Canada) he paid thirty dollars for them and one girl by the name
    of Betsy gardner he brought home with them"