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HISTORY: Fields of Flowers and Forests of Firs, Woodland History Committee, published May 13, 1958, p. 227; copy provided by Lois Kullberg, Aug 1995: "John Henry Van Bebber of New York Dutch stock appears to have arrived on Lewis River with the earliest settlers. In 1853 or 54 he married Rhoda John and four children resulted from this union".


Notes on John Harrison VAN BEBBER

    John Harrison (or Henry) VAN BEBBER (or VAN BIBBER), b 1834, LA; m/1 24 Sep 1853 (divorced) in Lancaster Pct, Clark Co., WA to Rhoda Ruth JOHN, d/o Jacob JOHN and Rachel WHITAKER, b 20 Feb 1839, Danville, Vermilion Co., IL, d 13 Jan 1901, Woodland, Cowlitz, WA, buried,  Odd Fellows Cemetery
    Woodland, Cowlitz, WA; allegedly m/2 to Marinda YOUNGER of MO, sister of Cole YOUNGER.

    Children of John and Rhoda:

    1. Francis Marion (Frank) VAN BEBBER, b 1854, WA; m 1876 at Martin's Bluff, Cowlitz Co, WA to Zerelda STEWART

    2. Emma Teresa VAN BEBBER, b 1857, OR; d 1928, Woodland, Cowlitz Co., WA; m 1883 to Sam CONRAD

    3. Edith Bell VAN BEBBER, b 1859, Lewis River, Clark Co., WA; m Norman MERRILL

    4. Ida Eleanora VAN BEBBER, b 1862, Lewis River, Clark Co., WA; m R. A. PARENT M.D.

    "For some reason, not passed on down the family history, John Henry disappeared. Probably the quiet Lewis River scene palled and he struck out for greener pastures. He must have been a reader of Captain Kidd and Jesse James stories and maybe he helped create the Jesse James legend. Anyway thru the mist of fact and fiction as related by his grandson Lloyd. He and some others outfitted a ship in San Francisco and were about ready to put to sea when grandfather was tipped off that the U. S. Government was preparing to arrest the entire crew as pirates. He beat the law to Mexico and I don't believe ever came back till after Grandmother Rhoda got a divorce in 1862, granted by the Washington Legislature. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BOZARTH was a member of the Legislature at that time and secured the passage of the bill that authorized the divorce." (Chris and Rhoda were married the following year.) Lloyd continues, "Later Grandfather was associated with the James boys, Jesse and Frank in Missouri and married Marinda Younger, full sister of Cole Younger, who is credited with being the brains of the James Boys gang. I remember my father saying that his father was the fastest and best shot with a rifle or revolver he had ever seen."

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