Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army Air Forces 1
Technical Sergeant 1
15 Aug 1919 2
28 Apr 2006 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Joseph G Boyle 2
15 Aug 1919 2
28 Apr 2006 2
Last Residence: Manhattan, KS 2

World War II 1

Army Air Forces 1
Technical Sergeant 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 2
Social Security Number: ***-**-2584 2

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Lt Joe Boyle, 321st Bomb Group, WWII B-25 Bombardier

North Africa

321st Bomb Group Emblem - "Perserverence, Vision and Duty"
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 "Undyingly quiet service and his amazing commitment to his Service for his Country" 

    Joe Boyle was a Lt Bombardier that did 62 Combat Missions out of N. Africa/Italy in 1943 in the 321st Bomb Group, the 447th Bomb Squadron and flew with (Ret Lt Col) Dick Spingler, the B-25 Mitchell Medium Bomber that was the Pilot who flew the "Lady Luck" across the Atlantic in the 1st Replacement Crews and he brought to us a new SHIP !  Also came with him another Pilot, Lt Henry W Stephenson, Sr. including 2nd Lt (Co-) Pilots and full CEWS.  MUCH needed replacements. 

     Joe came back for another 16 Missions in 1944 and the 447th BS and then transferred to the 340th Bomb Group the 489thBS for another 49 Combat Missions that added up to be "OVER 100 !"  ***** 127 Combat Missions !*****

Joe was a quiet man - unassuming and private and he liked it that way.  Ret Col Richard Spingler said [quote] "Joe was the most dedicated man I ever knew".   What makes a quietly heroic man so Patriotic ?  So dedicated that he flew 62 Combat Missions in the 321st Bomb Group, 447th Bomb Squadron and went home to the ZI.   But after about an 8 month rest, Joe came back to the 447th Bomb Squad and flew 16 Combat Missions more, then transferred over to the 340th Bomb Group and continued flying straight into the face of unparalled danger.  Joe was exposed in the plexi-glass nose of the B-25 Mitchell Medium Bomber.  He had to have nerves of steel to keep his eye on the Target with Flak exploding all around.  Joe also manned the 50 Cal. GUN in the nose, defending his ship from enemy Fighters going to and returning from many Combat missions.   Visable and vunerable in the plexi-glass nose, Joe apparently had Faith and the certain knowledge that he was indeed "just the man for this position".   Ret Col Dick Spingler was his friend and they kept in touch through the years.

   With quiet dignity, Lt Joe served as Bombardier in the B-25 Combat against the AXIS.... Tossing his Patriotism silently out in front of him like a Shield and served his Country with pride and dedication.   As usual... without one word of accomplishment nor one tiny blast of his horn.  If asked, Joe would say that "he served".  Joe served all right and won the respect of his family, friends and buddies.  " I "  (Barbi Ennis Connolly) am proud to say that MY Dad/Ed Ennis had the priviledge of flying Combat with Joe up in the "nose". . . .   In a plexi-glass Bombardier Nose that had nearly nothing for protection with a view of his world below, the 'steady eye' on the Target and his unshakable commitment to serve his Counry his very BEST. 

Joe's FIRST 62 Combat Missions were with the 321st BG. 447th BS during his 1st Combat Tour.  He then returned to the 447th BS for another 16 Combat Missions before transferring over to the 340th Bomb Group and 487th Bomb Squadron and continued to fly as Bombardier in that Squadron.

Boyle, Joseph G., Jr., 1Lt, bombardier, navigator (0- )(E# 17064704)

Boyle’s 1st mission:  (first mention of him in the history)

21 Jun 43 - 447th BS Mission Summary: (Ops Order 63/mission 62) Group Mission # 75: Ten of our planes participated in a raid on Battipaglia, Italy today.  The target was the railroad yards.  Bombing results excellent.  This was the first raid ever to be made on the mainland of Italy by B-25s and Lt. Lingrel who was the bombardier in the lead ship claims the honor of being the first man ever to pass over the mainland in a Mitchell bomber.  He beat the other men by a nose.  All our planes retuned safely.

 A/C No.   41-30000 “Ruff Stuff” (returned early due to engine trouble)

McDuff, Daniel R. “Ruff Stuff”, 2Lt   CP Sholund, John D., 2Lt

N None    B Boyle, Joseph G., Jr., 2nd Lt.  Lalum, Luther I., S/Sgt

Jackson, Edward B., T/Sgt    G Osowiecki, Hendrick (NMI), S/Sgt

F Manly, Robert W. “Horse”, Capt (observer)

 Mentioned in McDuff’s diary entry – didn’t include the whole thing because it’s a couple of pages long.

            30 Jul 43 - 447th BS:  War Diary of:  McDuff, Daniel R. “Ruff Stuff”, 1Lt, pilot (mission 33)   “On July 30th I got my 33rd mission—99th mission for the Group.  It was sort of a fluke that I got to go, and this is how it was…   …A few days later, Boyle informed me that I had been given three stars for the job I did of leading that formation!  I got that straightened out in a hurry!    Boyle, Joseph G., Jr., 1Lt, bombardier             Martin, John K. "Kirk", 1Lt, pilot, 446th BS.      Tomorrow we hit an airfield in southern Italy---so, til then…”

Other McDuff entries on:  4, 6  Aug  Stephenson entry   16 Sep 43 - 447th BS:  War Diary of:  Stephenson, Henry W. "Steve", 1Lt, pilot (mission 23)  TARGET:  Isernia Italy           4:10     300 lbs   Plane 925 (41-12925 “Huckelberry Duck”):  Lt. Beeson, Lt. Stephenson, Lt. Boyle, S/Sgt Kramer, T/Sgt. Anderson, S/Sgt Draper, Sgt Christianson    “Hits made on RR and choke points on N section of town.  Hits also made on RR viaduct.  Two fires seen near RJ north of town.  Flak slight and inaccurate.”

 50th mission   29 Nov 43 - 447th BS War Diary:  Lt. Gill and Lt. Fraser promoted to 1st Lt.  The following completed their 50th combat mission today:  Lts. Broyles, Boyle, Fallone, Fraser; T/Sgt. Myers, S/Sgt. Szczepanski, and Sgt. Werner.  (Boyle, Joseph G., Jr., 2Lt, bombardier    Broyles, Porter A., 1Lt, Pilot,   Fallone, Henry J., 1st  Lt Pilot,   Fraser, Harry A. “Fearless”, Jr, 1Lt, pilot,    Gill, Paul W., 1Lt  pilot,   Myers, William W., T/Sgt, gunner , Szczepanski, Leonard A., S/Sgt, gunner,    Werner, George P., Sgt, gunner

 Left for rest camp

20 Dec 43 - 447th BS War Diary:  Mission cancelled.  One of our Italian K.P’s was hit by an English truck while crossing the highway directly behind the motor pool.  He was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance from 448 sq.  which due to the proximity of the 448th dispensary, arrived at the scene of the accident ahead of our medics.  1st Sgt. Vishy, M/Sgt. Horne and Cpl. Franzi left to-day for Naples in order to purchase fruits, vegetables etc for our Christmas Dinner.  The following left for rest camp today:  Lt. D.W. Thomas, Lt. J.G. Boyle, Lt. DeMay, Lt. J.P. Lanza, Lt. S.I. Sattenspiel, S/Sgts. G.W. Roever, G.P. Werner, W.R. Henry, R.A. Lotito, and D.D. Alton.

Alton, David D., S/Sgt, bombardier    Boyle, Joseph G., Jr., 2Lt, bombardier,                     DeMay, Kenneth C., 1Lt, pilot    Franzi, Gino C., Cpl, intelligence     Henry, William R., S/Sgt, gunner    Horne, Wendell C., M/Sgt, engineering  (DOOLITTLE RAIDER)   Lanza, Joseph P., 1Lt, bombardier    Lotito, Rocco A., T/Sgt, radio-gunner     Roever, George W., Jr., S/Sgt, radio-gunner    Sattenspiel, Stanly J., 1Lt, bombardier     Thomas, David W., 1Lt, pilot            Vishy, Joseph J., Jr., Sgt, personnel, 1st Sgt     Werner, George P., S/Sgt, gunner

Received Purple Heart and promoted to 1Lt

21 Dec 43 - 447th BS War Diary:  At 1345 today a small formation from each squadron marched to Group where Col. Knapp made presentations of the Purple Heart.  The men from this squadron to receive the award were:  Lts. Broyles, Becker, and Paiton; S/Sgts. Harter, Kordzi, and Sheets.  In a letter of Dec. 21 the following men were promoted from 2nd Lt. to 1st Lt. as of Dec 10th:  A.M. Holloway, A.B. Jahraus, W.M. Johnston, F.F. Becker, R.F. Halloran, G.J. Deane, J.H. Haeberle, H.J. Fallone, R.G. Davies, H.K. Paiton, J.F. Briskey, Jr., P.A. Broyles, E.P. Mayben, Jr., H.W. Joiner, R.C. Olson, J.J. Nowakowski, B.B. Miller, Jr., R.H. Spingler, E.L. Saiers, F.W. Vincent, K.C. McFadden, K.C. DeMay, J.P. Lanza, D.P. McCormick, H.W. Stephenson, G.J. Trevor, F.E Ryherd, S.I. Sattenspiel, J.G. Boyle, Jr., and D.W. Thomas.

Becker, Edward B. "Jalone", 1Lt, bombardier      Boyle, Joseph G., Jr., 1Lt,   bombardier Briskey, John F., Jr., 1Lt, pilot   Broyles, Porter A., 1Lt, pilot     Davies, Robert G., 1Lt, pilot        Deane, George J., 1Lt, bombardier     DeMay, Kenneth C., 1Lt, pilot    Fallone, Henry J., 1Lt, pilot      Haeberle, John H., 1Lt, pilot     Halloran, Robert F., 1Lt, navigator        Harter, James, E., S/Sgt, bombardier     Holloway, Arthur M., 1Lt, navigator                         Jahraus, Alfred B., 1Lt, pilot   Johnston, William M.,1Lt, bombardier      Joiner, Harold W., 1Lt, pilot     Knapp, Robert Duane, Sr., Col, 321st BG Commander          Kordzi, Joseph J., Jr., S/Sgt, communication    Lanza, Joseph P., 1Lt, bombardier                                         Mayben, Ernest P., Jr., 1Lt, bombardier    McCormick, Donald Patrick, 1Lt Bombardier    McFadden, Kenneth L., 1Lt, pilot Miller    Benjamin B., Jr., 1Lt,    Pilot             Nowakowski, Joseph J., 1Lt, bombardier    Olson, Robert C., 1Lt, pilot       Paiton, Harold K., 1Lt, navigator     Paiton, Harold K., 2Lt, navigator     Ryherd, Fred E., 1Lt, pilot     Saiers, Edward L., 1Lt, navigator     Sattenspiel, Stanly J., 1Lt, bombardier     Sheets, Ralph M., S/Sgt, gunner   Spingler, Richard H. “Dick”, 1Lt, pilot    Stephenson, Henry W. "Steve", 1Lt, pilot    Thomas, David W., 1Lt, pilot    Trevor, Graham J., 1Lt,   Pilot       Vincent, Frederick W., III, 1Lt, pilot


25 Feb 44 - 447th BS:  War Diary of:  Stephenson, Henry W. "Steve", 1Lt, pilot (mission 57)

TARGET:  Ceprano Road Bridge                   1:50                 1000 lb bombs

Plane 695:  Lt. Stephenson, Major Sampson, Lt. Paiton, Lt. Boyle, S/Sgt Schwartz, T/Sgt. Ennis, Sgt. Smith

Boyle, Joseph G., Jr., 1Lt, bombardier                                  

Ennis, Edward Charles “Salvo”, T/Sgt, radio-gunner

Paiton, Harold K., 1Lt, navigator                                         

Sampson, Raymond D. “Sammy”, Maj, pilot, Commander

Schwartz, Arthur, Sgt, gunner                                               

Smith, Argyle H., Cpl

“One report of Road bridge hit.  Greatest concentration of bombs east of target with some across road bend.”

Headed for US

5 Feb 44 - 447th BS War Diary:  Mission cancelled due to weather.  The following officers and enlisted men were relieved from assignment and reassigned to personnel center No. 1 A.B.S. for transshipment to the U.S.:  1st Lt J.G. Boyle, Jr., 2nd Lt. R.A. Knodle, T/Sgt. H.H. Dexter, S/Sgt. T.R. Fiorello, S/Sgt. H.J. Manning and Cpl. A.H. Smith.  Morning report for week ending Feb. 5:  Officers 62:  E/M 263.

Boyle, Joseph G., Jr., Lt, bombardier          Dexter, Harold H., T/Sgt, gunner

Fiorello, Thomas R., S/Sgt, gunner              Knodle, Robert A., Lt, pilot

Manning, Hillard J., S/Sgt, gunner                Smith, Argyle H., Cpl, gunner 

I can account for 62 missions (including spares, early returns, etc) He flew with McDuff the most, but also with all of the great Pilots – Spingler, Beeson, Spikes, Bugbee, Stephenson, etc.

Jun 43               2

Jul                  15

Aug                  8

Sep                10

Oct                 10

Nov                   9

Dec                  0

Jan 44               8

            Total    62


Joe went home ( Feb. 1944) and came back to the MTO in the 321stBG, 447thBS.

Came back (Flew 16 Combat missions)

30 Oct 44 - 447th BS War Diary:  The first foot-ball game of the season was played on our field between the Officers of our Squadron and the Officers of Hq 321st Bomb Gp (M), final score: Hq 321st: 0, 447th Bomb: 18.  Pvt Harold Phares Jr. was promoted to the grade of Corporal.  Morning Report:  Officers:  83, EM:  320.  Usual Squadron Duties.  The following named Officers and EM were assigned and joined from 57th Bomb Wing Per SO 192, Hq 321st Bomb Gp (M):  2nd Lt Frederick Smith, 2nd Lt Richard C. Briggs, 1st Lt Joseph G. Boyle Jr., 2nd Lt Norman I. Rose, F/O Lester W. Volkmann, F/O Shelby D. Wallis, 2nd Lt George S. Fairchild, Cpl Halt, John A. Cpl Carroll G. Appleman, Pvt Bruce M. Ferrell, Pvt Harry A. Keenan, Cpl Paul W. Finnegan, Cpl Frank W. Hunsaker.  1st Lt William E. Levine was promoted to rank of Captain, per SO 277, Hq 12th AF.  2nd Lt Joe W. Gould was promoted to rank of 1st Lt per SO 280, Hq 12th AF.  2nd Lt Frederick E. Loewus was assigned and joined from 57th Bomb Wing.

Appleman, Carroll G., Cpl, gunner,     Boyle, Joseph G., Jr., 1Lt, bombardier

Briggs, Richard C., 2Lt, pilot,      Fairchild, George S., 2Lt, pilot

Ferrel, Bruce M., Pvt, gunner ,      Finnegan, Paul W., Cpl, gunner

Gould, Joe W., 1Lt, bombardier, navigator,     Halt, John A., Cpl, gunner

Hunsaker, Frank W., Jr., Cpl, gunner ,         Keenan, Harry A., Pvt, gunner

Levine, William E., Capt, intelligence ,       Loewus, Frederick E., 2Lt, pilot

Phares, Harold (NMI) “Harry”, Jr., Cpl, radio-gunner ,   Rose, Norman I., 2Lt, pilot

Smith, Frederick H., 2Lt, pilot,       Volkmann, Lester W., F/O, bombardier

Wallis, Shelby D., F/O, pilot


4 Feb 45 - 447th BS War Diary:  1st Lt. Joseph G. Boyle transferred to 340th par 7, SO 29, HQ. 321st Bomb Gp.  The following officer and enlisted men assigned and joined squadron from 57th Bomb. Wing par 4, SO 18 Hq. 321st Bomb. Gp.  F/O Lewis W. Tougaw, Cpl. William Marion, Cpl. Marlin J. Plough.

Boyle, Joseph G., Jr., 1Lt, bombardier                       Marion, William T., Jr., Cpl, gunner

Plough, Marlin J., Cpl., gunner                                  Tougaw, Lewis W., F/O, bombardier


Flew 16 more missions with the 447th.

Nov 44              12

Dec                    4

                        Total     16

16 and 62 and it is thought he also flew with the 340th Bomb Group, 489th Bomb Squadron....  More to come.  (Research by John Fitzgerald, entered by Barbi Ennis Connolly, and other info from Patti Johnson, 57th Bomb Wing Historical Researchers.)

   From 17 Feb. 1945, Lt Joe Boyle flew 49 Combat Missions with the 340th Bomb Group until 26 April 1945 ......... 49 more Missions !  ***** 127 Combat Missions !*****

*** 8 Nov. 2010, Barbi Ennis Connolly, 321st Bomb Group Historian*****

Lt Joe Boyle, 321st Bomb Group, 447th Bomb Squadron


Joseph G Boyle
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Joe Boyle was a Lt Bombardier that did 50 Combat Missions out of N. Africa in the 321st Bomb Group, the 447th Bomb Squadron and flew with (Ret Lt Col) Dick Spingler, B-25 Pilot in the 321st Bomb Grop, 447th BS.  Joe came back for 16 more in the 447th BS and then off to the 340thBG for another 49...... 127 Total !
Parents: Joseph G. Boyle (1882 - 1967) and Rose Jane Cunningham Boyle (1885 - 1983)

Burial: Saint Patricks Cemetery
Pottawatomie County, Kansas, USA

Maintained by: Mrs. Preacher  Originally Created by: NANCY  Apr 24, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial # 36314049
World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938 - 1946
DATE OF ENLISTMENT  27  FEB. 1942  Aviation Cadet     ARMY Air Corps   
NATIVITY  KANSAS   YEAR OF BIRTH   1919, Single at Enlistment,                      Completed one Yr. of College -Sales Clerk  
National WWII Memorial, Washington, D.C.
Honoree Hometown Service Source  
Joseph George Boyle, Jr. Manhattan, KS   U.S. Army Air Forces Phyllis Boyle
HOMETOWN: Manhattan, KS
Joseph George Boyle Nemaha and Pottawatomie Co. Kansas Part 1
Birth:  15 Aug 1919 - Manhattan, Riley, Kansas Death:  28 Apr 2006 - Manhattan, Riley, Kansas Parents:  Joseph G. Boyle, Rose Jane Cunningham   Sister:  Living Boyle
Brother: William Edward Boyle 1925 – 1998
Riley County, Kansas Area Newspapers Obituaries, 1998-99 about William E Boyle

Social Security Death Index
Name: Joseph G. Boyle SSN: 514-09-2584 Last Residence: 66502  Manhattan, Riley, Kansas Born: 15 Aug 1919 Died: 28 Apr 2006 State (Year) SSN issued: Kansas (Before 1951)
WORLD WAR II   DATE OF BIRTH: 08/15/1919   DATE OF DEATH: 04/28/2006  
LISTING ONLY: Obituary Date: 30 Apr 2006 Newspaper Title: Manhattan Mercury, The Newspaper Location: Manhattan, KS, USA
Joseph G. Boyle, Jr., 86, Manhattan, passed away Friday, April 28, in the Mercy Regional Health Center.

2010  to Barbi; Princess,  Joe's sister,Phyllis, is 93 and doesn't have a PC. She wants to pass Joe's stuff to a relative who is interested in having it. I'm sure Joe had a record of his missions,and she has kept all his awards. Good that a relative will be able to keep it intact. The Boyle's were a prominent family in Manhattan. Col Dick Spingler 321st BG Historian, in Honor of her Dad/Edward Ennis, RADAR/Radio/Gunner, 321stBG, 447th Bomb Squadron (1914-2005)

321st Bomb Group, 447th Bomb Squad, B-25's MTO /WWII

Africa/ Ital;y

Combat Air Museum, Topeka, Kansas
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COMBAT AIR MUSEUM, Forbes Field, Topeka Kansas.  Joe's Documents are here.  Special Thanks to Danny J San Romani, Curator of the Museum.

To: Barbara Connolly   Dear Ms. Connolly:       Colonel Richard Spingler visited Combat Air Museum Saturday, December 4, 2010, and asked to review records of Joseph G. Boyle that were donated to us.      He was specifically interested in missions Lt Boyle flew while assigned to the 489th Bombardment Squadron, 340th Bombardment Group.     Please find attached a document dated 28 MAY1945 that lists those missions. We hold the original and a carbon copy of this document.  Sincerely,  Danny J. San Romani ,   Curator ,   Combat Air Museum, Topeka, Kansas    

** 8 Nov. 2010 to Barbi Ennis Connolly, 321st Bomb Group Historian*****Princess,    First I must compliment you  - have gone through some of your webs on WWII. Amazed at the detail and can imagine the actual amount of work involved. Tremendous, also noted that you credited Kaiser for contributions.   Now have a question - Joe Boyle was a bombardier in the 447th,during my tour. He was the most dedicated person I ever met. We completed our tours about the same time the end of 43. I was assigned to Marshall Field,Ft Riley,Ks. Lived in Manhattan,Ks,which was Joe's hometown. He came to visit sometime in 44 and asked me to fly him to the East coast so he could return over seas. This I did and he wound up in the 489th. Did another 50 or 60 missions,know his total was above 100. Never wnted promotions or medals. We became friends and visited until he died several ears ago. Ret Col Richard "Dick" Spingler, 447th Bomb Squadron Pilot /WWII MTO  THIS Site is dedicated to Joe in Honor of his friend Ret Col Dick Spingler, 321stBG, 447th BS.

Joe's FIRST 62 Combat Missions were with the 321st BG. (then 16 again in the 447th and 49 in the 340th BG   ----  total of 127 !) 321st BG Historian, in Honor of her Dad/Edward Ennis, RADAR/Radio/Gunner, 321stBG, 447th Bomb Squadron (1914-2005)

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