09 Nov 1915 1
17 Apr 2000 1

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Full Name:
Lloyd M Mordy 1
09 Nov 1915 1
17 Apr 2000 1
Last Residence: Independence, KS 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-7662 1

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Grandpa Lloyd was an AMAZING man. In his younger years he n grandma Hazel loved the outdoors. And they loved there four grandchildren and eventually great grandchildren. He is missed dearly :-).

The cottage


Grandpa and grandma had a quaint little cottage on a lake in Oklahoma.  When my family (I'm there only granddaughter :-)) would go visit them in GOOD OL Independence Kansas, we'd make the not so short but not necessarily long road trip there. We'd always take the orange and white boat out. Which eventually  my father (Lloyd and Hazel's middle son of three baught. We'd all go fishing and jump off the boat and swim...but definitely had to watch out for anything  venomous in the water that migh that could've bitten us. OUCH!! We had a great time...Grandma and Grandpa  we miss you. And I hope you're now together in heavenly bliss watching over us all. We love you:-):-).

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