Major George W. Burt

Major George W. Burt


& Eretta VanBibber

  • Callaway Co. Missouri

Major George W. Burt served in the War of 1812, when he was only fifteen years of age, and was captured by the British. He married Eretta VanBibber, daughter of Major Isaac VanBibber, and great-granddaughter of Daniel Boone. When he asked the consent of her father to the marriage, the old gentleman replied in a loud tone of voice that he could have her if he wanted her, but she was a “contrary stick,” and if he could do anything with her he was welcome to her; but he didn’t want him to send her back on his hands. Major Burt gladly accepted the “contrary stick,” and obtained a good wife by so doing. They prospered beyond their expectations, and accumulated a fortune. Major Burt was a money loaner for many years, but would never accept more interest than the law allowed him. He always paid every cent he owed, and collected all that was due him. He was a good man, and respected by the entire community where he lived. He died in March, 1876, in his seventy-eighth year, leaving a widow and one son, Huron. They also had a daughter, but she died many years ago. Major Burt was in poor health for about thirty years before his death, and his complaint often carried him apparently to the verge of the grave.