21 Nov 1905 1
Jan 1973 1

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Full Name:
Lorena Scherer 1
21 Nov 1905 1
Jan 1973 1
Last Residence: Jefferson City, MO 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Missouri 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-4874 1

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Re Lorena Scherer

London, England

Lorena Scherer was an exceptional lady, in every sense of that word.


She was State Supervisor for Child Welfare for the State of Missouri in Jefferson City , Missouri and worte numerous papers for International Child Welfare Organizations.


. Scherer, Lorena. I960. "Facilities
and Services for Neglected Children in Missouri." Crime and Delinquency (
January), ... - -


I knew  her well, and lived with her for a time after her retirement. She was my adopted mother.  Lorena took a keen interest in my life and was my "guardian angel", she re-united me with my family in Germany and Switzerland, and I only wish now that I would have appreciated her more and been more grateful to her for all of her actions on behalf of me personally and also generally on behalf of Child Welfare during her time as head of that department in Missouri in the 60s and 70s.
 I have only just discovered this site, so will have to scan in a photo of her and upload it as my next project and add more to this entry about her soon.

  I would be keen to find others who knew her and or worked with her in Jefferson City , Missouri who may have additional photos of her.

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