Alfred Britt My Great-Great-Grandfather (on my fathers side)

Alfred Britt My Great-Great-Grandfather (on my fathers side)

Civil War (Confederate) · Confederate Army

Pioneer Family of Gwinnett County, Georgia........Alfred Britt was born 23 July 1832 Gwinnett County, Georgia and died 30 Aug 1864 at Camp Morton, "Union States Army" Prison Camp in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana........Alfred Britt enlisted into the Co C 7th Miss. Inf. Confederate States of America.....The 7th Miss. Inf. Co C Unit was captured at Chattahoochie, Ga. July 4, 1864, by the Union States Army, under the command of Major General William T. Sherman.... Members of the 7th Miss. Inf. Unit were taken as "Prisoners of War" and were sent to the Union States Army Prison Camp, which was at Camp Morton, in Indianapolis, Indiana, where many members of the 7th Miss. Inf. Unit, died of Tyhoid Fever....members of the 7th Miss. Inf. Unit were first buried at (Confederate Mound) Green Lawn Cemetery, Indianapolis, then in 1933, they were transferred to Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, each members name is listed in the Crown Hill Cemetery, each members name is listed and is on file at the U. S. National Archives in Washington, D.C........Alfred Britt, my Great-Great-Grandfather, married Martha Jane Johnson Britt Landrum, my Great-Great-Grandmother, their Daughter, Sarah Britt Williams, my Great-Grandmother, married Andrew Jackson Williams, my Great-Grandfather, their son, Joseph Anderson "J.A." "Jody" Williams, my Grandfather, married Chinecie "Necie" Self Williams, my Grandmother, their son Huey J. Williams, My Father.

Civil War (Confederate) (1861 - 1865)
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United States of America

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Civil War (Confederate)

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Confederate Army

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