12 Hiroshima POWs

12 Hiroshima POWs


Memorial page for the 12 known American POWs who were in Hiroshima when the A-bomb was dropped. Please see the linked Memorial pages to the right for each of the known POWs.

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Memorial for U. S. POWs at site of Chugoku Kempei-Tai HQ

    Hiroshims POW Plaque - wikipedia.jpg
    Hiroshims POW Plaque - wikipedia.jpg

    The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima August 6, 1945 devastated the city and its people with a force beyond any known before. U.S Air Force and U.S. Navy airmen interned as POWs at the Chugoku Military Police Headquarters which was located at this site, near the epicenter, were among the victims of this holocaust. This plaque is placed in the memory of these brave and honorable men. May this humble memorial be a perpetual reminder of the savagery of war. 1998.7.29

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