Camp HAID near LINZ in Upper Austria

Camp HAID near LINZ in Upper Austria


Thousands of people had to life in the dwellings at HAID near LINZ in UPPER AUSTRIA for years. The Camp Inhabitants were workers form all parts of Europe, bombed out Germans, POW's, Jewish, DP's. The Austro-American Historian T.G. Lackner plans a Memorial for all these people and others, which suffered years ago in the baracks of Haid. Unfortunally the lokal Politicans are not amused about Lackner's planed Monument for the "Lager Haid" and do all what is avaiable in her Power to suppress this project. Let us virtually commemorate the oppressed of the former camp in Upper Austria. More details about the Camp HAID near the Traun-river under following adress: [email protected] ---- Lackner gives answer for all your questions about the local Haid-history. Please wirte with your personal story about your time in the camp, and show in your mail your old photos and documents.

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Gendarmerie OÖ_0003.jpg

In the early 2000s, the powerful of the Austrian province of Upper Austria tried with all their might to prevent my big project on the former barracks camp in HAID. The prevention attempts were sometimes just obscure, as the attached document proves: As a "gendarmerie commander" of the Republic of Austria seriously tried to persuade me that historical research in Austria was only allowed to academic persons in Austria and therefore, of course, no insight into the Civil status list of the camp in Haid may be inspected, which rests with the mayor's office of the city Haid-Ansfelden. Of course, the allegation of the leading gendarmerie is NOT correct and is merely a repressive measure to avert pleasant questions about the sad history of the Haider camp,** especially about the events in that camp from 1941 to 1945**. However, as a result of a leak in the local government, I learned that the local mayor, city officials and people from the gendarmerie squad had actually designed **this plan meticulously to shut down my historical record of the Haid camp **..... You can prove - as always in Austria - as a citizen, although none of this ... Thus, according to Austrian law, only the presumption of innocence ...

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