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My dad a breif summary

  • Colorado Springs, CO

This email is to state that I am the oldest daughter of Frank E. Schweinfurth.  My married name is Christine Jordan.  I was born in 1970 in a naval hospital when my dad was in the Air Force.  My dad married Rosalie Almasian in 1968.  They met at work on base.  My mother was a civilian worker on the base.  They married only a few months after meeting and remained so until my dad passed.  They were married in Rosalie's hometown of Whitinsville, MA.

My dad spent 1 year away from us while on base in Korea when I was in the first year of my life.  Our family lived in Biloxi for one year around 1973 - where my sister was born.  We returned to Whitinsville later that year and lived there until 1993.  My mom and dad followed her career with GTE Government Systems to Colorado Springs that year.  I later joined them in 1995 and then about a year later, my sister joined us.

My dad died in 2005 from Emphysema.  He was the foundation of our family of 4.  He also had a younger daughter Lori.

I will follow up with other stories about our wonderful father. He was a loyal father and husband.  He cherished his family and was a proud Air Forceman.  He was quiet, a great listener, and told a great story.  I wish I could retell his stories with the details he provided.  When I look back at his childhood pictures, I am amazed at what a sparkling young child he was.

He also has two grandchildren, a boy Alec Jordan born 2000 and a girl Lilliana Tomanini born 2000.

I thank my dad for his positive attitude and kindness.  He was one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  His calm demeanor got our family through many events.  His humor made us smile and that twinkle in his eye will never be forgotten.  I see his face in the mirror when I look at myself and mostly when I look at my son Alec.  I pray that his wonderful character has been handed down to my child Alec, whom he called his "little buddy".

I was next to him with my cheek on his forehead when he took his last breath.  The angels took him the day before Valentine's day 2005 and we know that he is there waiting to come show us the way when it is our time.

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