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WAR OF 1812


The following information is from the military record of John Van Bebber, Jr., who served in the War of 1812. This record was received from the National Archives and contained the following two muster sheets:

John Vanbibber, Pvt., Capt. John Brock's Company of East Tennessee Militia, in regiment commanded by Col. Samuel Bayles. (War of 1812.)
Company Muster Roll for November 8, 1814 to May 18, 1815.
Roll dated May 18, 1815.
Commencement of service or of this settlement - November 8, 1814.
Expiration of service or of this settlement - February 11, 1815.
Term of service charged - 3 months and 4 days.
Pay per months - 8 dollars.
Amount of pay - 25 dollars and 6 cents.
Remarks: Died February 11, 1815.

Note: Non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates are entitled to traveling allowance of pay for traveling from Tazewell, Tennessee, to Knoxville, Tennessee, where mustered in, distance 45 miles; and no rations, or pay therefore, have been drawn on account of rations due at Mobile, Mississippi Territory.

BRIEF HISTORY: This regiment, along with Colonel William Johnson's Third Regiment and Colonel Edwin Booth's Fifth Regiment, defended the lower section of the Mississippi Territory, particularly the vicinity of Mobile. They protected the region from possible Indian incursions and any British invasion. These regiments were under the command of Major General William Carroll. They manned the various forts that were located throughout the territory: Fort Claiborne, Fort Decatur, and Fort Montgomery, for example. Sickness was rampant in this regiment and the desertion rate was high. The regiment mustered in at Knoxville and was dismissed at Mobile.
It is not known how John Van Bebber, Jr. died. Notice from the above how sickness was rampant in the regiment which John Van Bebber, Jr. was a member of.

The following can be located in the May term of the Claiborne County, Tennessee Court, 1815.

John Van Bebber, Jr., Deceased -- John Van Bebber, Sr. was appointed by the court to administer all and singularly the goods and chattel rights and credits of John Van Bebber, Jr., deceased. He gave security and made bond in amount of $200.00.

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