Horse Artillery Brigade

Horse Artillery Brigade


The Horse Artillery Brigade of the Army of the Potomac was a brigade of various batteries of horse artillery during the American Civil War. Made up almost entirely of individual company-strength batteries from the Regular Armys five artillery regiments the Horse Artillery operated under the command umbrella of the Cavalry Corps. The Horse Artillery differed from other light artillery (also known as "mounted" artillery) in that each member of the unit traveled on his own horse rather than the traditional light artillery practice of some riding horses while others rode on the limbers and caissons with still others traveling on foot. With each man on his own horse the unit could travel faster and more efficiently. It was the brainchild of former artillery captain and Brig. Gen. William Farquhar Barry Chief of Artillery for the Army of the Potomac in 1861. With such a large percentage of the U.S. Horse Artillery being artillery batteries from the regular U.S. Army it developed a superb reputation for military efficiency accuracy of fire and command presence in the field and in battle.

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1st Brigade, Horse Artillery, Cavalry Corps Monument-Gettysburg

    _Army of the Potomac 
    Cavalry Corps Horse Artillery
    **First Brigade **
    Capt. James M. Robertson _

    9th Michigan Battery
    Capt Jabez J. Daniels__July 3. Engaged on Cemetery Ridge south of Pleasonton Avenue subject to the orders of Major Gen. J. Newton.

    6th New York Battery
    Capt. Joseph W. Martin
    In Reserve

    2d U. S. Batteries B and L
    Lieut. Edward Heaton
    In Reserve

    _2d U. S. Battery M
    Lieut. A. C. M. Pennington Jr._July 3. With the Cavalry on the right.

    4th U. S. Battery E
    Lieut. Samuel S. Elder
    July 3. With First Brigade Third Division on left.

    Casualties Killed 2 Men
    Wounded 1 Officer 5 Men Total 8

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