The Banana Wars

The Banana Wars


Banana Wars is the term used by some historians to refer to the occupations police actions and interventions involving the United States in Central America and the Caribbean between the SpanishAmerican War (1898) and the inception of the Good Neighbor Policy (1934).These military interventions were most often carried out by the United States Marine Corps. The Marines were involved so often that they developed a manual The Strategy and Tactics of Small Wars in 1921. On occasion the Navy provided gunfire support and Army troops were also used. With the Treaty of Paris Spain ceded control of Cuba Puerto Rico and the Philippines to the United States. Thereafter the United States conducted military interventions in Panama Honduras Nicaragua Mexico Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The series of conflicts only ended with the withdrawal of troops from Haiti in 1934 under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Stories about The Banana Wars

Occupation of Vera Cruz

    • April 9, 1914. Small detachment of Marines is mistakenly arrested. Huerta quickly apologizes, but ignores demand to salute the American Flag.
    • April 15, 1914. President Wilson mobilizes fleet to blockade Mexican ports.
    • April 20, 1914. President Wilson announces his intention to seize the ports.
    • April 21, 1914. US forces occupy the Mexican port of Vera Cruz.
    • April 22, 1914. Congress empowers President Wilson to seek reparations.
    • April 22, 1914. Mexican General Gustavo Maas flees Vera Cruz; many officers follow suit.
    • April, 24, 1914. State Department evacuates the embassy in Mexico City and all consulates in Mexico.
    • April 25, 1914. Border states fear Mexican retaliation; request arms and troops from the federal government.
    • April 25, 1914. Congress appropriates $500,000 to assist Americans fleeing violence in Mexico.
    • November 23, 1914. Final American forces withdraw from Vera Cruz.
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