Battle of Stones River

Battle of Stones River


The Battle of Stones River or Second Battle of Murfreesboro (in the South simply the Battle of Murfreesboro) was fought from December 31 1862 to January 2 1863 in Middle Tennessee as the culmination of the Stones River Campaign in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. Of the major battles of the Civil War Stones River had the highest percentage of casualties on both sides. Although the battle itself was inconclusive the Union Army's repulse of two Confederate attacks and the subsequent Confederate withdrawal were a much-needed boost to Union morale after the defeat at the Battle of Fredericksburg and it dashed Confederate aspirations for control of Middle Tennessee.

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    After the battle of Stone River, the Third Cavalry was sent in pursuit of the enemy, and near Middleton, Tennessee, attacked his rear-guard and captured one ..

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