Battle of Spotsylvania Court House

Battle of Spotsylvania Court House


Toughest Fight Yet

    Artist Alfred R. Waud sketched these Union soldiers under fire here on May 12, 1864. Lee’s counterattacks had driven the Union troops out of the Muleshoe, and here they are shown under cover on the outside of the Confederate trenches. Waud’s perspective was just a few feet from where you are now standing. It is the most immediate depiction of the fighting near the Bloody Angle that day. Waud labeled his sketch, “The toughest fight yet.”

    In the image, the fighting rages most intensely to the right, the white smoke marks what would become known as the Bloody Angle. Amid the smoke stands a baffle-scarred oak, 22 inches in diameter, which would fall later in the day, cut down by small- arms fire. In the foreground, Union troops huddle up against the Confederate works amidst the carnage of earlier fighting.

    Monument in Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery

      The entrance to the Confederate Cemetery in Spotsylvania

        Lee's Headquarters

          The 'Lee's Headquarters' monument is in the Spotsylvania Court House historic district on the east side of the intersection of Courthouse Road and Brock Road. (38.201167° N, 77.589206° W; map)

          Courthouse Road was the road to Fredericksburg and Brock Road came directly from the Wilderness Battlefield. Their intersection was the strategic objective that Grant sought during the battle.

          From the marker:


          _Battle of 
          Court House
          May 10,11,12, 1864

          1903 Replaced 1964_