Conflict Period:
Vietnam War 1
28 Mar 1938 1

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George Jr. Sickles 1
28 Mar 1938 1

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  1. Contributed by PatriciaJHouck


Captain USMC

George aka Buddy was the only son to George Sr.and Mable Sickles of NJ. My mom was Margaret ( Houck) NJ and olddest sister Madeline (Swanson- Hannick) of Fla. Uncle buddy was my Mothers baby brother and spoke all the Time how she missed him. He was a true warrior in USMC , he married Yoshi from Japan whom was a imperialist daughter, the resided in Hawaii and had 4 children Daniel, Arthur,Gregory,and Margie ( named after my mother) .I did not get to meet Buddy but he did travel to Cladwel Nj to see my mother before he was sent to Vietnam as Capt, MY USMC. He was shot on duty in Vietnam War 69 . I have the telegram telling my mother her only brother was killed on line of duty. His body was laid to rest early 70 s in Punchbowl National Cemetery Oahu Hawaii. I did travel with My parents to Hawaii in 1983 in which I spent quality time with aunt Yoshi Sickles and cousins . I visited Pearl Harbor , My Uncle's grave,as well as I stayed on the Officers base with my parents Ocean front absolutely beautiful. Yoshi still in Hawaii has done some amazing things in support of her Husband ,she has spoke for a day of Souls and represents Honor of our family and her Soul mate Buddy aka George . In which I am eternally Grateful for :) I hope to visit this year to pay respect and see family. My Mom would have enjoyed that too..

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