Ezra Kimsey Smith was born in 1874 in Bethany, Mo. He was a farmer, wife, Sarah, 10 children. In Kingman, Ks. he was 43 when drafted. He died Dec. 9, 1927 in Ks

Conflict Period:
World War I 1
27 Dec 1874 1

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Ezra Kimsey Smith 1
27 Dec 1874 1

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Life of Ezra Kimsey Smith

  Ezra was born in Bethany, Mo. to Solomon K. Smith and Sarah Cummings. He was the 7th child born of 6 boys and 4 girls.  He was a farmer most of his life.  In 1895, at age 19, he married Sarah Emmaline Romesburg, both of Jefferson, Mo. They had 10 children: Floyd, Walter, Otis, Russell, Alton, Mary E., Dorothy, Barton, Alice Pauline, and Gladys. Floyd was born in 1896 and Gladys in 1917. In 1900-1910, they lived in Poe and Lotts, Iowa, where they farmed.  By 1920, they had moved to Hoosier, Ks. and in 1925 were in Salem, Ks.  Both Ezra and Sarah were baptised in the Prairie View Methodist Church near Wilmot, Ks. Ezra died Dec. 9, 1927, near Wilmot, Ks. and Sarah died 8 yr. later. Surviving in 1927 of Ezra's siblings were: Lydia Schroeder of Bartlesville, Ok., and John Smith of Los Angelos, and Moses Smith of Solomon, Ks. Ezra was buried in Winfield, Kansas.

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