NSSAR ACN 52867and Patriot # P-106888 and NSDAR Ancestor # A004797, a Private in the Continental Line of North Carolina

Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
Militia 1
Private E-1 1
1755 1
Bute County, South Carolina 1
21 Jun 1817 1
Cedar Creek, Lancaster County, South Carolina 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
William Fleming Bailey 1
1755 1
Bute County, South Carolina 1
21 Jun 1817 1
Cedar Creek, Lancaster County, South Carolina 1
Molly Sprunt 1
09 Jul 1777 1
Bute County, (now Warren), North Carolina 1

Revolutionary War 1

Militia 1
Private E-1 1

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William Fleming Bailey Senior of Cedar Creek, Lancaster County, South Carolina

Cedar Creek, Lancaster County, South Carolina


William Fleming Bailey, Senior, was born about 1755. In 1771 he was 16 years of age or over and was living with his father, James Bailey, in Bute (Warren) County, North Carolina which adjoins the Virginia line in the eastern part of the state. He married Molley Sprunt in Bute County on 9 July 1777 (original marriage bond within N.C. Archives), served in the Revolutionary War in the North Carolina Continental Line, and migrated to Lancaster County, South Carolina shortly after the War and settled on Cedar Creek.

"Bute County, North Carolina was eliminated in 1779 to form Warren, Granville and parts of other counties. The area of Bute from that time period is in what is today, Vance Conty, North Carolina." Source: "Baileys from Bute" by Rex Franklin Bailey"


Three hundred and thirty acres were surveyed for William Bailey on the 3rd of January 1788. Situate in the District of Camden on the Drains and Runs of Cedar Creek North East Side of the Catawba River bounding South West on said William Baileys William Stevens Land, South West on William Robinson's Land Vacant Land, North West on Jon Simpson and Isaac Stewarts Land , North East on Bailey Flemings Land. On June 2nd 1788, he paid seven pounds for the tract of land, witness by Thomas Pinckney. Chimney and foundation remains of the Bailey home site can be found along Cedar Creek, on Walker Road which is between Stoneboro Road(Hwy. 522) and MT. Carmel Campground Road.

William Bailey, Sr. had a younger brother, Kanneday (or Cannaday) Bailey, Sr. who also came to Lancaster County before 1790. This is established in a land suit in Lancaster County in 1842.

Dedicated to the memories of former BAILEY lineage researchers.

Fountain Inn, Greenville County, South Carolina


Rex Franklin Bailey, author of "Baileys From Bute"

REX FRANKLIN11 BAILEY  (FRED EUGENE10, FREDERICK HILL "FED"9, WILLIAM DOUGLAS8, JOHN7, JOSHUA6, WILLIAM FLEMING SR.5, JAMES4, JOHN II3, JOHN I2, STEPHEN1) was born January 29, 1941 in Hartwell, Hart Count, Georgia, and died October 30, 1998 in Fountain Inn, Greenville County, South Carolina.  He married LINDA CAROLE RICHEY, daughter of CARL RICHEY and THELMA YOUNGBLOOD. Burial: Greenville Memorial Gardens, Piedmont, Greenville County, South Carolina


Maryline Cauthen Westenhaver

MARYLINE6 CAUTHEN  (EDWARD FRANCIS5, JOHN CANNADAY4, GEORGE WASHINGTON3, THOMAS SR.2, JAMES1) was born December 31, 1907 in Wetumpka, Elmore County, Alabama, and died December 27, 1993 in Stone Mountain, Dekalb County, Georgia.  She married HERBERT JOSEPH WESTENHAVER February 20, 1937 in Auburn, Lee County, Alabama.  He was born January 01, 1898, and died March 05, 1944 in Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida.



William Fleming Bailey, The Monument Site and the Actual Burial Site.

Health Springs, Lancaster County, South Carolina



A monument to William Fleming Bailey's Revolutionary Service and Patriotism stands with other Patriots monuments at Salem Cemetery in Heath Springs, Lancaster County, S.C., on Highway 521. A dedication ceremony was held in May 1976 for the Revolutionary Patriots of Lancaster County at Salem Cemetery. William Bailey fought in Revolutionary battles in the State of North Carolina.

Revolutionary Patriots of Lancaster County, at Salem Cemetery

Salem Cemetery, Heath Springs, Lancaster County, South Carolina
(Site of old Salem Methodist Episcopal Church)
GPS location: N 34° 36.031; W 80° 41.006
Latitude: 34.600221  Longitude:  -80.683315
Find A Grave Memorial# 19783859
Ref No. 29-139
Salem Cemetery n34 36.019 , w80 41.008,+w80+41.008
4800-4816 Kershaw Camden Hwy, Heath Springs, SC 29058
4838 North Main
South of intersection of New Hope Road or (State Rd S-29-34)
and Highway 521 (N. Main) or Kershaw Camden Hwy,
just inside North West city limits of Heath Springs


William's actual grave site is at the Mackey/Walker Cemetery on Hoke Road off of MT. Carmel Campground Road.

Mackey Walker Cemetery, Lancaster County, South Carolina
Feature ID: 1241706
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 34.58000, Longitude: -80.77360
Pitmon Crossroad Community
Hoke Road (State Rd S-29-205) South of Tate Lane
Find A Grave Memorial# 32019596
Zip Code 29058
Ref No. 29-130, Walker Family, Mackey
n34 34.817 , w80 46.400

NSDAR Ancestor # A004797 and NSSAR ACN 52867, Patriot # P-106888

Pay Voucher 1331.jpg

NSDAR  ANCESTOR #   A004797 

William Fleming Bailey, Senior, is recognized by the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Application for the N.S.D.A.R., under National Number 462 469, (Computer Code Number Al3-039) was submitted by Maryline Cauthen Westenhaver in Auburn, Alabama. The application was verified and approved January 5, 1976.

The proof that William Bailey was a Revolutionary soldier is established by a voucher # 1331, dated first of September 1784, for 31 pounds and nine shillings in the North Carolina Archives showing he was paid in Halifax District of which Warren County was a part, and this has been accepted by N.S.D.A.R. Bute County had been divided in 1778, (a year after William's marriage) into Warren and Franklin Counties.

A Greeable to Act of Assembly, paided in May, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-four, the state of North Carolina is indebted to William Bailey of the Continetal Line this date, Thirty one poundes nano shillings specie, on account 1st January 1784.
Dated at Halifax, th first of September, 1784

Bailey Deed Abstracts in Lancaster County, South Carolina

Lancaster County, South Carolina



Lancaster County, South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1787 -1811
By Brent H. Holcomb, C.A.L.S.

Book A

Pp. 179-180: 17 Oct 1786, Peter Boer of North Carolina, Granville County, to William Baily of Lancaser Co., SC, planter (lease sl, release 50 sterling) land in Craven Co., on E side Wateree River on Cedar Creek & the road leading from Rocky Mount to the Hanging Rock, all sides vacant, where the said William Baily now liveth, grant to Thomas Brannan, and sold by Brannan to James Mcollough, the to Peter Boyer; 14 Sept 1771 Rec. In Sec. Office Book III p. 339   Peter Boyer (Seal), Wit: Jos Cole, John Stephens, Richard Perry (X).

Book B

Page 80: 17 Apr 1787, Nathaniel Pace of Camden Dist., to William Bailey, of same, for lb. 10 … 100 A (acres) on Cedar Creek Catawba River … Nathaniel Pace (Seal), Micajah Crenshaw, James Crenshaw. Prov. By Nathaniel Pace, 22 Apr 1789, before Robert Dunlap, J.P.

Page 319: 2 Feb 1795, Bailey Fleming (Double Cousin of William Fleming Bailey) of Lancaster Co. ,  To William Bailey of same, for lb. 30 sterling … 100 A, part of 654 A granted to sd. Bailey Fleming 5 March 1792 on Rocky Creek adj. Benedict Best   .. Bailey Fleming (Seal), Wit Benedict Best, John Baker, Solomon Mackey (X). Prov. By Benedict Best, 26 Apr 1795, before Robt Bratney, J.P.

Page 329: 12 Sep 1796, Robert Bratney of Lancaster Co., to Thomas Chawhon (Cauthen) of same, for lb 140 sterling … 250 A on NE side Catawba River on both sides Rockey Creek, granted 5 May 1773 conveyed to sd. Robert Bratney by Hugh Summrvville 5 Oct 1784
(the sd. Somerville having purchased from Thomas McIlhany, 1 & 2 Aug 1774) also 75 A surveyed for Charles Bratney 4 March 1786, ad land formerly the property of William Maddox … Robert Bratney (Seal), Henrietta Bratney (X) (Seal), Wit: Joseph Coil, William Bailey, Richard Perry (X). Prov. By Joseph Coil, before Henry Massey, J.P. 27 Jan 1797.

Book C & E

Pp. 83 - 84: 17 July 1792, James Simpson of Ceder Creek, Lancaster Co., to James Sprunt of same, planter, for lb 25 ster… , 200 A on N side Catabaw River on Ceder Creek, originally granted to Frederick Touchstone, 14 Sept 1771(?), conveyed to sd. James Simpson by John McCain by deed 28 July 1782, on E side Touchstone's branch … James Simpson (Seal), Wit: William Bailey, Thomas Cauthon, Jos. Coile.

Page 259: 22 Feb 1790, Hugh Milling of Fairfield Co., to Kenaday Bailey of Lancaster Co., for lb 50 sterling ..250 A on a branch of Ceder Creek, granted to Hugh Milling, 5 March 1787.. H. Milling (Seal), Wit: Wm. Durphey, John Elison. Prov. By John Elison, 22 Feb 1790, before Saml Dunlap, J.P.

Book D

Pp. 258-260: 15 Oct 1796, James Simpson, of Lancaster Co., to Kanady Bailey of same, for 160  … 150 A part of 200 A granted to Fedrick Touchston 14 Sept 1771, adj. to land sold by James Simpson to Harriss Rice, part of survey now held by James Sprunt on Touchstone branch, 150 A conveyed by James Simpson to Kanady Bailey, the remainder of sd. Tract, adj. Wm Bailey, Absalom Clark, Widown Clark … James Simpson (seal), Martha Simpson. Wit: Jos Coile, Hnry Judson, Allston Clark. Prov. By Joseph Coile, before Wm Barkley, 15 Feb 1799.

Pp. 260-262: 30 Dec 1797, Kanady Bailey of Lancaster Co., to Ely Clark of same, for $50  … 50 A, part of 123 A granted to sd. Ely Clark 5 Mar 1792… (error obviously, land was conveyed from Ely Clark to Kanady Bailey) … Ely Clark (Seal), Wit: William Bailey, Joseph Coile, Wm Oweings (X). Prov. By Joseph Coile, 15 Jan 1799, before Wm Barkley, J.P.

Book F

Page 104: Personally appeared before James Douglas, J.P., Elay Clark and Mark Stevens, and saith that on 4 July 1801, Capt. Kennedy Bailey and William Stevens were in a fray, and Capt Bailey had his ear bit off … 1 Feb 1802.  Ealey (X) Clark, Mark Stevens.

Page 143: 1 Aug 1801, Kenedy Bailey of Lancaster District, South Carolina, to Mark Stevens, for $500, 365 acres granted 12 Aug 1797… Wit: John Johnston, John Bell, Daniel Glaze. Proved 1 Aug 1801 before Wm Currey, J.P.

Page 174: 1 Aug 1797, William Baily of Lancaster Co., to Richard Perry, for 10 sterling, 40 acres, part of 340 acres granted to Wm Baily, 2 June 1788
Wit: Wm. S. Linton, Joseph Coile, John Perry.

Book G

Page 55: 20 March 1802(?), Mark Stevens of Lancaster Dist., to William Walker, for $500, 315 acres, part of grant to Kennedy Bailey, 12 Aug 1797, adj. William Curry, Jesse Tilman, George King…
Mark Stevens (Seal), Wit: Saml. Johnston, Jeremiah Walker, Rebekah Walker. Proved by Jeremiah Walker, 25 March 1802, before Wm. Curry, J.P.

Completes Bailey Deed Abstracts from source: Lancaster County, South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1787 -1811, By Brent H. Holcomb, C.A.L.S.


More Bailey Deed Abstracts from the research of Maryline Cauthen Westenhaver

Book I, p 24
1810:   Wm. Bailey sells land to "my son Joshua Bailey" wit. John Bailey, Lancaster Deed I p 24 (recorded Aug. 9, 1817)

Book I, p 111
4 Feb 1818: James Bailey (son of Wm. Fleming Bailey) sells to George Cauthen & John Gibson (both son-in-laws of Wm. Fleming Bailey) 330 acres granted Wm Bailey, Senior in 1788. (Deed does not say how James Bailey came into possession of the land) Wit. Kennady Bailey, Joshua Bailey, & Kennady Gibson.

Book M, p 80
9 Dec 1827: Johnathan Bailey sells land wit. Kennady & Mary Bailey

Book N, p 245 & 248
11 Nov 1833: K. W. Bailey (son of Wm. Fleming Bailey) sells land adjoining land of Kennady Bailey, Senior to Rawleigh Hammond. (Kennedy W. Bailey to Raleigh Hammond, Sr.- 200 acres of land belonging to Wm. Bailey, deceased, on Cedar Creek.  Witnesses to this deed were Jasen Clark, Sam'L. B. Hammond and Jacob Hughes.  The Dower was signed by Mary Bailey.)


Suit in Court of Common Pleas filed 30 Sept. 1842, (Lancaster Courthouse, South Carolina)

(This following documented suit with the above mention Land Deed from Book N shows relationships of William Fleming Bailey Senior to son Kennedy William Bailey and to brother Kennedy Bailey Senior and nephew, Kennedy Bailey Junior. Also William Fleming Bailey's son-in-laws are mentioned, Thomas Stevens and John Gibson. Also William F Bailey's other two sons, James and John.) These are important documents to show lineage to William Fleming Bailey, the recognized patriot of the American Revolution.

Box 3221-3290 (Top Shelf, SE corner). Roll 3273

Samuel B. Hammond vs Griffin Short. Trespass to try Title.
Filed 30 Sept. 1842. Appealed Fi-fa 10 Dec. 1846.
In the Court of Common Pleas. Lancaster. Nov. 1845.
Under a survey made 8 Feb. 1768 for Thomas Brannon, a grant was made 14 Sept. 1771 for 200 acres in a square tract; adjoining the Cheshire grant on Rocky Mount Road.

Under a survey of 2 Dec. 1769 for Henry Woodward a grant was made 15 March, 1771 to John Cheshire for 100 acres in a parallelogram on Thos. Brannon's grant on W. Mattock's land. (How shall these grants be located and the dispute settled?)

DEED: Kenedy W. Bailey sold to Raleigh Hammond, Sr. of Kershaw Dist. 200 acres originally granted to Thomas Brannon & sold to McCollack & from him to Peter Boyer & then to William Bailey, decd. And from his heirs to Kenedy W. Bailey; also one other tract of 2 acres originally granted to Jacin Hicklin & sold to Thomas Stevens & from him to Kennedy W. Bailey.

Wm. Bailey, Senr. was in possession 20 years or more. During his possession Thomas Stevens, his son-in-law, became owner of the whole Cheshire tract. In April 1809, Thomas Stevens sold half to John Gibson, another son-in-law of William Bailey. In Dec. 1810, John Gibson sold this tract to Griffin Short. In July 1812, Thomas Stevens sold the other half to Sol. Williams and afterwards it came into the possession of Kennedy Bailey, Jr., a nephew of William Bailey.

William Bailey died June 21, 1818. (Error here, death year was 1817) Some of his other heirs conveyed to his son Kennedy W. (William) Bailey. Kennedy W. Bailey held possession for 15 years.

On April 28, 1837 Raleigh Hammond conveyed to Saml B. Hammond.
Testimony was given by Elijah Perry, a surveyor and brother-in-law of Kennedy W. Bailey.
(Note: K. Bailey married Mary Perry, see 1812 pension)
Testimony also by James Bailey & John Bailey, sons of Wm. Bailey; William Walker, George Cauthen (son-in-law to Wm. F Bailey Sr), Griffin Short, Jr. (Nephew of defendant), Leonard Fleming, Stewart Mitchell.

Deed Book A-218.  John Cheshire, County of Lincolnton, N.C. to Wm Stevens on Feb. 14, 1788  … 100 acres on Rocky Creek, adjoining land laid out to Thomas Brannon.

Book G p 294  Thomas Stevens to John Gibson   100 acres  April 25, 1809
Platy by James D. McIlwain.  Oct. 5, 1843.

1771 Bute County NC Tax List, 16 year old, William Fleming Bailey with father, Jas

Bute County, North Carolina


1771 Bute County NC Tax List

for 1771 Bute County, North Carolina

Eleventh line reveals a household of two males, a Jas (James) Bailey with a son Wm (William Fleming Bailey)

Original field notes for the 1771 tax list for Bute Co., North Carolina in the N. C. Archives. This 1771 tax list was a poll being a male 16 years of age or over, black or white. Bute Co. was divided in 1779 into Warren & Franklin Cos. (This 1771 tax list published in the N.C. Journal of Genealogy, Wm Perry Johnson, ed. Fall 1965 Issue.)

1997 - William Fleming Bailey Descendant Researchers Together.

Beaver Creek, Kersaw County, South Carolina


Joe Bailey, Ramsey Thomson, Brad Marble, and Rex Bailey

Joe Ralph Bailey, Ollie Ramsey Thomson, DeCody Brad Marble and Rex Franklin Bailey at home of Robert Harrison "Bobby" Collins Jr., Beaver Creek, Kersaw County, South Carolina in 1997.

William Fleming Bailey Descendants and Researchers, who travelled together to Mackey Walker Cemetery, Lancaster County, South Carolina to view actual burial site of their common ancester William Flemming Bailey Senior.

Willaim Bailey and Molley Sprunt Marriage Bond

Bute County, North Carolina


Marriage Bond dated 9th of July 1777 Bute County, North Carolina, for marriage of William Fleming Bailey and Molley Sprunt.

Original in N.C. Archives.

Know all men by those present that Mr Wm Flemming Bailey, Bailey Flemming in

The condition of the above obligation is such that whoever hath Clerks of Bute County for a marriage to be solemnized and had between Wm Fleming Bailey and Molley Sprunt, if therefore there be no lawful cause to be struct, the said marriage than the above obligation to be ford, otherwise to be and married in full force and virtue.
Sign, Sealed, and Delivered
In the presence of
Tho (Thomas) Machen

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