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Iraq War 1

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David Tillotson Iii 1

Iraq War 1

Afghanistan War 1

Persian Gulf War 1

Vietnam War 1

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  1. Contributed by wmorrison50


David Tillotson, iii, born in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, 1953, grew up in Japan, KI Sawyer and Austin, Tx - took joint Valedictorian 1971, Dartmouth accepted,  then kindly entered the Air Force Academy in lieu of draft through Appointment at the age of 17 (seventeen).  I'll let him finish it.  His father was  Maj David Tillotson, Jr, born Nashua, NH, after graduating Dartmouth entered AF & CIA. Korea & Vietnam.  David III retired 0-6 (Col); and since has been a likeable and political force in Washington closing bases not much better than taking crappy units.  retired 0-6 and SeS- 3 (three) not too bad.  He loves it!  

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