Conflict Period:
Civil War (Union) 1
Army 1
Private E-1 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Elijah L Lincoln 1

Civil War (Union) 1

Army 1
Private E-1 2
Service Start Date:
08 Sep 1862 2
Service End Date:
04 Jun 1865 2
Pension Number:
161832 1
Pension Type:
Veteran Pension Certificate (SC) 1
Indiana 1
Enlistment Location:
Company B,58th Indiana Infantry. 2

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Uncle Lige

Elijah was 2nd cousin of President Abraham Lincoln. Elijah fought for the Union during the Civil War. On 9/8/1862 Lincoln mustered into Company B of the 58th Indiana Infantry. He was Mustered Out on 6/4/1865. He was also Great grand nephew to the EX governor Levi Lincoln Sr of Mass. 

Ft. Branch Man's Remarkable Resemblance to Abe

Article taken from the "Princeton Clarion-News," (Princeton, Gibson Co, I N), 14 Feb 1911.

"ELIJAH LINCOLN - Ft. Branch Man's Remarkable Resemblance to Abe. - Second Cousin of the Martyred 
President - At 79 is Well Preserved and an Honor to Name.

Gibson county has a distinction to which on Lincoln Day -- as well as o n other days -- she can 
point with pardonable pride. Within her borders lives probably the only direct connection of 
Abraham Lincoln now residing in Indiana who bears the Lincoln name. He is Elijah Lincoln, of Ft. 
Branch, widely known as almost the living image of the martyred president. M r. Lincoln is now 79 
years old and still retains the same resemblance t o his second cousin, the martyred president, 
that has so long attracted attention to him. He is well known throughout the county, and 
especially t o the old soldiers.

Elijah Lincoln was a second cousin of Abraham and was born near Zanesville, Ohio., September 17, 
1832, the son of Leonard and Nancy Lincoln. While M r. Lincoln has little definite knowledge of 
his lineage beyond his father 's time, his parents both having died in his early youth, it is 
believe d his father's father was Josiah Lincoln, the younger brother of Thomas , who was the 
father of Abraham. Josiah spent most of his life in Virginia or the Carolinas, and it was from
that part of the county the father of Elijah emigrated to Ohio.

The resemblance of Elijah Lincoln to the dead president is very striking . The Lincoln lines are 
seen in every feature of the face, and the tall , gaunt body bears out the resemblance. He is six 
feet four inches high , a jolly good story teller, loves children, is very fond of a joke and t 
ells them with the same characteristic twinkle of the eye that cousin Abe had.

Elijah Lincoln was a mighty hunter in his early days, often tracking the wilderness in Kentucky, 
southern Indiana and Illinois alone for weeks a t a time during his young manhood, and he still
enjoys a good hunt or a long tramp, in spite of his years. He is supple and strong and keeps 
himself busy at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Clinton Bell, with whom he live s in Ft. Branch.
He has lived in this vicinity most of the time since h e was twenty years old. Frequently he
visits a son, Abraham, at Wharton , Tex., and he has several other children. He served though the 
civil war in the Fifty-eighth Indiana regiment.

Elijah Lincoln saw his cousin Abe only once or twice, but he says he regards him as a great and a 
good man, and he has always tried to do his par t toward keeping the Lincoln name above reproach. 
He is a stanch defender of the flag and the government and is quick to resent any slighting rem 
arks of either.

"Uncle Lige," as he is familiarly known, lost his wife by death many years ago. He lives quietly, 
is a great reader and keeps well informed on al l current events, political and otherwise. He 
loves to tell stories, an d there is always a willing group of listeners, young and old, to hear 
them. Though Mr. Lincoln never mentions his relationship to the martyred president unless asked 
about it, he is proud of the kinship and always read y to pay a tribute to Abraham Lincoln's 
manhood and greatness."

His Family: In 1857 Mr. Lincoln was married to Harriet Conner, daughter of Alexander Conner, one of 
the pioneer settlers of the Hoosier state. His wife passed away in 1874, having been the mother 
of eight children, namely: Leonard, Alonzo, Daniel and Warren are deceased; Abram is now living 
in Horton, Texas, where he has been successful and is the owner of much property; Rosie is living at home; Louisa is also residing in Horton, Texas; Clara is in St. Louis.

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